Monday, May 01, 2006

Again? Really?!

So, guess who was yelled at on the subway last night? Well, officially it was my friend Avi Z, but I was the loud one in the conversation. Some old man, with hearing aids for goodness sake, asked Avi to keep the decibel level down. He actually said that, can you believe it? Who talks like that. But unlike the other day two women came to our defense. Avi was all apologetic and this lady sitting between me and the complainer was like, oh son, you don't need to apologize, this is the damn subway, you're allowed to talk loud. I told her, oh, he's a good ole boy from midwest, hes not going fight with the guy. So she and some other lady complained to the old man on our behalf. As the guy got off the train he thanked Avi who had in fact lowered his voice. Go Avi! The Chicago Boy with Good Manners!


Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind words, it was fun reading a review of last night. hope you are feeling better. It is a good thing we didnt take a cab, because if we did, we wouldnt have the crazy subway story.

Anonymous said...

So, that wasn't a hearing aid, they were paper towels in the ear. He was trying to block sound out. I'm sure if they were hearing aids, he would have just turned it off. But it was really funny, especially when the lady told him that one day he would get in trouble if he kept telling people to shut up!