Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll

So it was recently brought to my attention that I do indeed have a blog reader. One to be exact. My big brother Alan. So you know what this means more talking about sex. No more talking about drugs. That leaves me only one topic to comfortably discuss: Rock and Roll! Now that my brother has left this blog post to search for my sex and drug comments, lets get down to it. The state of rock and roll these days is horrendous. Now I love country music like any other good California girl who spent her high school days listening to KZLA. But that doesn't mean I don't dig some good rock and roll. One of my favorites I got to see live last Saturday night at the Orange County New Year's Eve party, aptly titled the Orange Drop. When we got there at 9:30 and spent an hour in the bar line I was itching to get outside and watch Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Now this woman IS rock and roll. In fact, her most popular song is "I Love Rock and Roll". When I see the opening credits on my first season of Freaks and Geeks DVD, I rarely fast forward since Joan's awesome song "Bad Reputation" is blaring out of my TV. But these new "IT" bands like All-American Rejects and Fall Out Boy, among too many others, just do not do it for me. They hit you with some decent guitar licks and a good drum beat but they have lead singers that can barely hold a note. Thats good music? Well, I guess so. Kids now are scarfing up their albums at KMart or iTunes or downloading them illegally on one of the other sites. I don't get it. I think Kurt Cobain is turning over in his grave as we speak. Don't worry Kurt. I'm not buying.