Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Anonymous

Dear guy who has way too much time on his hands,

You know who you are. You spend all day on my site driving up my sitemeter, thereby directing more traffic to my site and more ad money to my pocket. For that, I thank you. I originally just planned to ignore your ridiculousness, but instead think you deserve a thank you. Feel free to keep posting inappropriate comments to my various blog posts. Calling me whatever names you'd like. I really don't mind as long as my numbers keep going up. After all, you've figured out that I'm not posting them. I'm not even reading them. Everytime I get an email saying "Anonymous" has posted again, I laugh to myself. Its a shame that this wuss who won't even identify himself is hiding behind his sense of invisibility. Hiding behind the AOL account that he uses to connect to the internet. Why don't you spend your time more wisely. Throw the ball around with a buddy. Take someone on a date. Call up an old friend who you've lost touch with. Anything must be better than reading my blog. But while I still keep you busy, knock yourself out.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Potter Trailer

Positively frightening. And they didn't even show the really scary stuff (like the inferi in the lake ""shutter""), just Dumbledore's visit to the orphanage to visit the young Tom Riddle. Now everyone says that it wasn't until HP 4 that Rowling got really dark, and while thats kinda true, it wasn't until this book, HP6 that I was chilled to the bone. One of my faves of the series and the one that I think fleshed out the Dark Wizard's backstory and really because of their duality, in essence, Harry Potter's. I remember the first time I saw the first trailer for Sorcerer's Stone. I was in DC for the summer. And we went to see that horrible movie AI just for the trailer. Just seeing the trailer was an event in itself. So enjoy!

If above video is not available, try clicking here. Movie is being released in the US on November 21st. Go see it!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Back in March I briefly offered a shout out to a site that I heard was in development entitled Savvy Auntie. The particular post was on the book The Panic Years: A Guide to Surviving Smug Married Friends, Bad Taffeta, and Life on the Wrong Side of 25 without a Ring by Doree Lewak. The book and the elongated title explains, touches on relationships with your friends who are married (while you are not) as well as those who have kids. I remember thinking in Stern after my first close friend Alissa got married, wow looks like shes winning in this race called life. Then a year later her first son was born and I thought, damn, not only is she winning, she's lapped me. That was in 2001. She just delivered her THIRD child b"H in May, one week after I got engaged to my fiance Evan. So I guess I may have gained ground in this race, although, it'll be years (if ever) for me to catch up to her and her bountiful fam.

For a long time I just accepted the fact that there was a good chance I'd be an old maid. Its widely believed that there is a "singles crisis" (their words, not mine) in the young frum world. So anyone who doesn't fit into the teeny tiny box of whats an ideal man or woman in the frum world just might be single for a while. For a woman, you can generally read that as thin, because thats pretty much all frum guys are looking for. Although, not always true, I have some incredibly hot, professional friends who remain single (gentlemen, contact me for their numbers). Guys in the frum world are just generally stupid, so thats why they let these lovely ladies slip through their fingers. For men, they must have a six figure salary. Bald, fat, and toothless are not factors. Those guys still have no problem finding wives. As long as they take home 100K.

Since there are so many women getting married later and later in life, many are putting off having children. That doesn't neccesarily mean that they aren't actively involved in childrens' lives. A large majority of my girlfriends have extremely close connections to their nieces and nephews. They take them to the circus (as my bud DJ did last week), they act as confidants, and they get to be another adult that loves the children unconditionally and spoils them rotten. Every kid needs more than two adults to fill that last role. When I was little, I needed like 20 aunts and uncles to yield the amount of attention my precoious younger self required.

Right now is being launched like literally as I type this blog. This website can act as an online community (the first of its kind) for hip aunts, great aunts, godmothers, and my own personal coined term quasi-aunts, to communicate with one another on all the important things it means to be an aunt. Biological or not. For instance, two weeks ago I went to my quasi-niece's first birthday. Being a woman in my late 20's with pretty much no experience around little ones (I've changed like 5 diapers in my 28 years) I had no idea what to get her for a gift. Had I had this community to turn to for advice, I would have had a much easier time of gift buying. I would have known a Playstation wasn't a good idea (just kidding, I found like some ball thingy, for ages 1-3).

All that said, yes, I plan to, God willing, one day have a family. Not neccesarily anytime so soon. I'd like to enjoy married life for a little while before popping out a little one. For now, I'm content doting over my two nephews who live in Las Vegas (when I see them, which is usually once a year if that) and my brand new nephew (Evan's brother's son), as well as my countless other quasi-nieces and nephews, children of my close friends. They're awesome little tykes. And I'm their Aunt Susanne! If you fit this category, visit today!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Mormons are cool!

Okay, so this is my 301st post. No fanfare needed. I keep getting these funny ideas to write about and when I get to my desk at work or my laptop I become so busy with other stuff I never get around to articulating the humor to y'all. So since its been awhile I thought I'd come on here and punch in a couple quickies.

This morning on the subway two young Mormon elders got on the train. A man in his 30's initiated a conversation with them and he chatted about faith, family, and spirituality with these young missionaries from 175 to 59th street. I give the Mormon faith major props. Not that I'm in favor of any religion proselytizing (Jews actually turn away prospective converts), but making people explore life's positive attributes, even if its a 30 minute conversation that doesn't translate to anything, is a great thing. I mentioned before that I grew up in the Mormon stronghold of Orange County, California. My high holiday services (since the synagogue wasn't large enough to hold all of us once a year Jews) were held at the local Mormon temple each year. They had seating for 1000! The Mormon faith puts a strong emphasis on family and moral values. My father is a district commissioner for Eagle Scouts in the area and a large majority of the young men he meets with come from the community. Our next door neighbors growing up with a large LDS family. I remember when the mom first came to my mom after we moved in and started talking up the religion, my mom said straight out, "listen, you don't try to convert us, we won't try to convert you. We'll have a better friendship that way". Religion was never really mentioned again. We had a great relationship with this family for many years. Thats all I really wanted to say. So the next time you see an elder or a young Mormon lady (not sure what their title is) be sure to say hello. You can usually recognize them by their big lapel name badges, their bicycles, and their backpacks. Good times!