Monday, March 24, 2008

The Panic Years?

The Panic Years: A Guide to Surviving Smug Married Friends, Bad Taffeta, and Life on the Wrong Side of 25 without a Ring by Doree Lewak.

I know what you are thinking. Susanne recommending a book? She doesn't even read! Well thats a complete lie. I do read. I've got a pile of Archie comics and People magazines stacked up in my bathroom. Well, when I come across a book that is worth reading I feel the need to tell you to check it out. We all know what its like. You are best friends with this girl. They meet a guy, get married, and you never hear from them again. They become that smug married girl that they promised you they'd never become when you sat in their dorm room listening to details after the couple's third date. I'm not bitter. I am happy for all my friends that accidently lost my phone number when they got married and started popping out babies. I just feel sorry for them that they no longer get to experience the awesomeness that is Susanne. I shouldn't generalize. I still see a bunch of them. We meet up for dinner. I go for Shabbos. I love their kids (I am a Savvy Auntie after all)! All in all, its good to have a book where someone else says the things that all of us single ladies in our late 20s and 30s are thinking (ie Chapter 4: How not to be bitter at your friends' weddings). This should be some good reading. I ordered my copy today!

Side story: I met Doree a couple years ago at a focus group for the Jewish dating website Frumster (thats a story for another blog post altogether). Also in attendance was William Levin writer of one of my favorite comic strips about a Jewish Robot, Shabot 6000. I know telling you that I met them there might harm their street cred, but so be it. When I first heard she was writing this book I was excited. It'll be interesting to see how this spunky girl deals with the ridiculousness of New York City dating. And after reading the first chapter "Confessions of a Panicker" I am excited to see whats next. Might Doree be the Carrie Bradshaw that us Stern grads living in Washington Heights and the Upper West Side have been looking for? I'm starting to think so.

****My copy arrived today. I'm so excited to get reading. My mom would be so proud!****


Diana said...

What's your other favorite comic strip about a Jewish robot?

SusQHB said...

Dang, someone caught that!