Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Archuleta Sucks!

Ooooh, I'm just waiting for the Susanne bashing to begin. I read a review in New York Magazine's online edition about last night's Idol performance. And they LOVE David Archuleta. I still haven't gotten on the boat. Just like the message I have for my Obamaphile friends, I'm just not ready to go there. So I posted the below comment after reading the article that I thought I'd share:

"I am still not figuring out the whole David Archuleta obsession. I admit he has a pretty voice. But this is voting for the whole package and I ain't voting for a kid that doesn't even know who wrote some of the songs he sings or the fact that "Another Day in Paradise" is not a happy song (its about homelessness you moron, not a vacation at Atlantis). David Cook is the one I think is a star. Even though everyone keeps claiming he's steailing arrangements from other groups. What he's done with his latest performances (Eleanor Rigby, Billie Jean) has been brilliant. Like when Brooke White did Love Is a Battlefield as a ballad. Amazing! It would have been perfect in my book if she didn't do basically the same exact performance every single week. Good season so far. I'm waiting until the day when Archuleta loses it and runs off stage. That'll be the day."

As soon as David Cook loses his flock of seagulls haircut, I think he'll be going places.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one that thinks David Archuleta Sucks! His voice sounds nasely and he can only pull off slow songs. He still looks so uncomfortable on stage (like Will Ferrel not knowing what to do with his hands on Talladega nights)

Anonymous said...

i admit he sings good, but i really hope he doesnt win. like, really.
he's just be another BORING winner. we need someone DIFFERENT. david cook for the win! i'm glad im not the only one who dislikes archuleta. his screaming fans really annoy me. GET HIM OFF IDOL!

Anonymous said...

David Archuleta does, indeed, suck. I can't stand his meek/humble posture and fake "wow you think i'm an alright singer" thing when the judges praise him. He's annoying as hell.

Anonymous said...

agreed. in fact, the whole reason i just stumbled onto your blog was because i did a google search for "david archuleta sucks" just to see if i was alone on this.

sure...the kid's talented and would look fantastic in any high school musical or talent show. but can anyone honestly imagine him putting out a compelling album. who's he gonna tour with, hannah montana???

have to disagree with you on david cook though. he can carry a tune for sure, but the dude just comes off like a poser to me every time. he acts like he wants to be some kinda rough around the edges rocker guy, but he performs like some generic rock band on a burrito commercial or something. it's cheesy. it's not rock and roll.
and referencing his rendition of "billie jean" doesn't do much to defend his originality. that to me was his biggest arrangement rip off of the season. it's not a problem that he used chris cornell's arrangement. just that he stood there and took so much praise for his originality and risk taking without giving cornell an ounce of credit.

like i said. poser.

Anonymous said...

actually, when ryan introduced david cook's billie jean, he said he was doing chris cornell's version of billie jean. shout out to chris was there from the get-go. people referencing cook's perfomance as original were the ones who didn't pay attention. david gave credit where it was due.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen much of American Idol this year and I really think David Suckuleta is one of the blandest singers that's ever been on the show. I looks really young, like he's 12 or something, not 17.

Is there a way to do a 'recall' of the previously ousted contestants? The final five I can't picture ANY of them as the 'next American Idol.'

Rod said...

I have to fast forward the dvr when he sings!! it is so annoying. Since this is obviously a popularity contest as apposed to a singing contest, when he wins, you will see low cd sales! the 13yo girls jacking up their moms at&t cell bill aren't going out and buying cds. He will have a great future singing theme songs for straight to dvd Disney flicks!!

Whoever called David Cook a poser must not realize that all of the contestants are singing karaoke to a live band!!

Anonymous said...

All of David A songs sound the same. BORING. I have to keep from throwing up every time he's on. Please STOP. He's about as good as a Theme Park show singer or possibly a cruise ship performer, but please warn people before they go see him so they can make the choice to attend another activity on the ship or at least double up on the seasickness meds. Who is going to buy the garbage that he would eventually put out if he was to actually win? Any CD would be filled with 12 covers of "same songness". He has no stage presentation/ showmanship - BORING, BORING, BORING.

I mean is this American Idol or American Average? Come on people vote for someone with talent and originality for a change and let's actually pick someone that is the BEST! 2 years ago you MISSED the mark (can you say Taylor who?). I won't remind you who from that year is now "rocking" the music world with hit song after hit song (that DON'T all sound the same, by the way).

QUIT VOTING FOR ARCHULETA. He's OK at best, not the next big thing.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. David Archuleta is too bland, boring and bashful. He just doesn't have what it takes to be a star. He just stands there on stage and does nothing to deliver the performance. All of his songs sound the same, just blaaaaaa. Can you imagine a live concert? Where is the wow factor? I mean he can't be 17 and play the shy, "cute" (if you think he is), "golly gee whiz - I can't believe it" act forever. David Archuleta needs to be a Disney personality or something. That's his "wheelhouse". He needs to learn how to deliver a song with some passion and conviction and not just like a glorified karaoke performance. Leave American Idol to the big boys and girls.

Snerro said...

I feel like a social pariah who's finally found a group of people who accept him! I CAN'T STAND DAVID ARCHULETA EITHER!! That dizzy grin, his bland arrangements, the way he always wants to sing every song like it's an inspirational ballad - this is NOT an Idol! Every song sounds just like the last one, even though he pumps in all the fake emotion his 15-year-old brain can muster.

And yet everyone - Simon included, though I'm sure he sees the kid as a walking pile of cash - thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread. You can't say anything against him for fear that a gang of rabid fans (every one female, either teenaged or middle-aged) will berate you as if you'd just kicked a puppy!

Anyone who thinks DA is the next Idol should ask themselves this: Do you REALLY want to buy an album by a kid who can make an Andrew Lloyd Weber song sound exactly like a Beatles song, or a Neil Diamond song sound exactly like a Dolly Parton song? That's NOT talent, it's just consistency! I'm sure he could turn Blitzkrieg Bop into an insipid ballad that he could sing with his eyes closed - literally!

Thanks for letting me vent my spleen. I feel better now, especially in light of the incredibly talented Brooke White getting the axe last night. It's nice to know there are still sane people out there!

P.S.: Jason Castro is a brainless dork and he sucks, too!

Anonymous said...

I, like someone else, did a Google search of "David Archuleta sucks" just to check if I'm alone in this as well.

This season of American Idol just blows... my favorite so far had been Brooke White, even though she lacks the stage confidence and passion, she came off as someone who could probably be a really great singer/songwriter.

Second up would be David Cook... he just gives that vibe of experience (he shows confidence, passion, etc). He's the only one, besides Syesha, who looks comfortable being on stage.

I can't even believe those two kids are still in the running. Jason Castro does the same snore performance each week and David Archuleta makes me want to vomit... he always sounds like he's choking on himself. :|

I already know for sure Syesha is gone next week... but the 3 guys remaining... once Cook gets booted off I'll be turning off Idol and not putting myself through the torture of seeing which 2 little girl dream boys will be winning the competition.

chadwatson said...

Bless you. I can't believe this kid is still on top. It's like watching a trained monkey. Cute at first, but then you can start to see that the monkey has no idea why it's doing what it's doing. It's just doing it because that's what it's been trained to do.
Then it just becomes pathetic and sad.
Music is about sharing yourself, not your voice lessons.

Anonymous said...

The fix is in....That little metro-sexual twerp is already the chosen one...He's just lucky that I can't reach through my television and punch him in the face...

Anonymous said...


I have watched EVERY SEASON of American Idol to date, but I will NEVER watch it again if he wins... it is just becoming too much of a teenage popularity contest instead of a talent competition....

Anonymous said...

Moms, stop your daughters from driving up your AT&T bill. Do us all a favor, take the phone away on Tues. nights!

David A. sucks, no deapth of tone, no low end & no vocal richness.

David Cook is the all around musician.

Syesha and David Cook both have the vocal richness needed for strong showings.

Jason should have left a long time ago.

David A. needs to work for Disney records!

Anonymous said...

He sucks so bad! I just googled in David Archuletta sucks and I found this blog I feel like I found sane people in a world gone David Archuletta mad. Even Simon has lost it. Whats the deal? Is David's dad paying off the judges or threatening them somehow? It just doesn't make sense he is such a nerd and I hate his voice! Ever notice how he doesn't swing his arms when he walks? Its weird. Also I try to think back when I was a 12 year old girl and I just don't get what the little girls see. He aint no David Cassidy thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely cannot STAND this little boy!! I remember when people constantly hated on Melinda Doolittle for the whole "you like me? you really like me?! shucks!" routine, and suddenly it's endearing when David Shituleta does it? He does sing well, but the fact that he sounds like a horn when singing does not make him have a good voice. I want to vomit every single time I hear this child sing. It pains my ears. I wish all his songs didn't sound the same, but then again that would require some true talent on his behalf

Anonymous said...

Good voice, no personality.

A total dud.

Anonymous said...

David Archuleta has a good voice but he's only limited to ballads. Listening to him on cd - alright. Wathing him sing live on tv - boring. Judges over-rated him.
Anyway, not all AI winners will have a bright future. I believe David Cook is better off without the AI title.

Kathy said...

Exactly. He really is boring and watching him sing puts me to sleep.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Anonymous said...

Archuleta totally sucks - I have yet to meet a person who likes his singing!

Somebody send this kid to the island of Misfit Idols where he can live happily ever after with Sanjia!

Anonymous said...

Next week should be interesting, his dad was finally kicked out of the backstage practice sessions. Seems the little robot is finally going to have to think for himself. But lets get real people, Cook has some talent but he isn't spectacular. Listen to some of his pre idol stuff. Its ok. And he knows about 4 cords on his guitar, its pathetic. Daughtry is a better vocalist and has more appeal. Syesha is perfect for broadway and she is fine with that. David A. is BORING! I feel like I'm at a christian revival every time he grabs the mike. He's a mini Josh Grobin without the talent or the hairdo. Can the guy sing anything that isn't a ballad? I think Simon has been told to cool it and fall inline. He has alluded to David A leaning a little too christian, and I think he was reprimanded. I have no proof, but thats my opinion. Seems the shows producers don't want to piss of the religious right. Lets get rid of all three and move on to next season. This one sucks all around.

Anonymous said...

I agree, he is very bland, does suck, and has nothing that defines himself with any originality or range. I don't think that this guy can put out an album that anyone seriously could get on board with. If you are a songwriter, producer, or band, why would you choose to use Archuleta? Cook can be used on all fronts win or lose, plus he knows his material better.

Archuleta may win just because of the "lemae viewer" popularity factor, but he'll be as big a dud as Rueben Studdard and Taylor Hicks. I don't care all that much about the meekness factor, as Clay Aiken had that early, but Archuleta doesn't have the talent of Aiken.

Anonymous said...

He's popular because of all the tweeners voting him in. Kids that age shouldn't have phones or the ability to vote...on anything...ever. If the mormons can't get romney into the white house maybe they'll settle for a mormon being the next american idol.

Taylor said...

His interpretation of Chris Brown sucked. Booooo!!!

Aidan said...

I too googled "David Archuleta sucks" and although I want to believe that he shot himself in the foot this week, I know the teenyboppers will push him through. I am however quite happy that Simon finally gave him hell for his crappy singing.

Anonymous said...

Archie was pathetic yet again. I love Billy Joel, and yet he managed to make "And so it goes" into an even more sappy ballad. Can you honestly imagine putting money out for that drivel. As for "boo gate" that was just a joke. The dancing (if you want to call it that) was second rate, and did anyone else notice that he forgot the words. How come when Castro forgets words he gets blasted, but when Archipuppy does, Randy proclaims him the next coming of Christ! I think Archisucky should come out next week and actually sing the phone book. Then I might have an once of respect for him. As for "Longer" it was soooo boring. Folgelberg was slow an melodic in his day, I doubt anyone would even buy his CD anymore. Why would producers honestly think people would want to purchase a CD for Archie that sounds like that. ARGHH! When are people going to realize that he won't sell any records.

Anonymous said...

The kid plain sux. Every song is the same just a different key. Same runs, same everything. I wish parents wouldn't let their 10 year olds vote so that someone with actual talent would stay in the contest.

Taylor said...

This kid should team up with Hannah Montana...

Anonymous said...

Finally someone who thinks Archuleta is not that talented. You website was the first to show up in "david archuleta sucks" on google. LOL
I admit he does have a soft endearing voice, but his singing lacks energy (like Cooke) and soul (like Syseha), at least teenbopper singers of the late 90s, even Britney, have a better voice than Archuleta. (I have acutally heard Britney Spears sing in concert in 1999 and it was good, but after those ciggarettes...who knows now.)

He did have a ripped/seperated vocal cord in the past, as he admitted during the auditions, which could explain his soft & good but NOT audience-engaging voice. His performing is just missing that flair like Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, David Cooke, Fantasia, and Carrie Underwood have.

I won't be surprised if Archuleta wins, but I'm glad at least Judge Simon tells it like it is. How he pointed out during the Top 3 show that David sang a ballad for 90 year olds and a horrible version of Chris Brown's "With You". I couldn't believe those pre-teens voted for Archuleta still! I was reading a few official American Idol blogs and there were pre-teens already voting 55 times per PERSON! AND NOW HOPING TO VOTE 65 times in the finale! I mean what the heck is that!! it shows how little of life they have and how celebrity-obessed they are.

In addition, his self-condemning (since he keeps says, "Wow you actually think I'm good" instead of a simple "thank you") and overtly humble & demure posture is getting annoying because it was understandable in the beginning, but now its ridiculous when he's in the finals. Then again after hearing all of the stories of his overbearing rage-fueled father, David's demure attitude may have arised from his father's anger. I wouldn't be surprised if years on down the road that David admits in an interview that his father was emotionally abusive.

SusQHB said...

These posts have been awesome! Thanks everyone for commenting! How badly did you want to see that permasmile wiped off his face and have Syesha in the top two with Cook? Would have been awesome!

Save us from the chimp! said...

I would have loved to see Archie get booted last night just to see if his father would charge the stage and start screaming at everyone! That would have been great TV.

Hopefully, David Cook will win. However, all the teenyboppers who love the little chimp will vote too many times for him. Then he can disappear into oblivion along with some of the other winners, Ruben, Fantasia (I changed the channel when she was on last night screeching out what sounded like nails on a blackboard), and unfortunately Taylor Hicks. Then maybe he can find another popularity contest (oops, I mean talent show) to win for his daddy.

Anonymous said...

WOWWWW!!!! I am yet another person who Googled "David Archuleta sucks" and found this blog/message board/truth forum. Thanks Susanne for giving all of us who have watched the show and have yet to hear a judge be honest with this kid a chance to run-off at the mouth.

He annoys me with every word that comes out of his mouth, weather in song or in interview. His "aw shucks" routine is almost sickening. I don't believe it for a minute, he is the product of a very strict father who manages his every move. He's young, 17, but acts like he's 12.

He does have a good voice, but he needs to LEARN how to use it. Adding a 5 sylable run in different octaves to the end of every word does not make you a great singer!!!!!! It makes you a kid who has no clue how to sing!!!!!

David Cook, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Syesha Mercado, and hell probably even Chikeze were 1 million times better. The fact that Syesha and Carly and Michael have to take a back seat to this clown-kid is sad!

But, since the little girls who vote for the show are clueless, he will most likely win. It doesn't make me not want to watch the show anymore, it just seems sad. Here was chance for the judges to give a kid like him, some real CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. Give him the oppurtunity to take that talent he has and DEVELOPE it, but instead they just appeased his mediocrity. And let's be serious, he has been mediocre at best since "Imagine." (And after going back for another listen on my DVR, that wasn't even that good!!!)

David Cook is clearly the better choice for this finale!!!! I have never bought a single disc by any AI contestant, but I will buy Cook's, he is the REAL talent here.

Lamar said...

WOW!! There's a lot of hostility towards this kid. I'm 15 and I think it's great to finally be able to see that my generation has some genuine talent. While I do agree that he's not the best this season(Carly deserved to last WAAAY longer, same as Michael Johns), I want him to win. To me David cook seems boring and his voice isn't very unique. If I was listening to the radio, I would be able to pick out Archuleta's voice easily. Also, his vocal cords were PARALYZED a few years ago!!!!! It's amazing that he's come back in such a great manner. This is just my opinion so don't chew me out about it. Go Archuleta!

-Some teenage guy

Anonymous said...


I'm not going to chew you out, and in fact, I think its great that you are willing to stick up for your beliefs. I agree that David A. has a good voice. Not great, but good. And David C. is not great either. He has a little talent, but there are 10 people that sound just like him on the radio now. But thats the point. There are 10 people who sound like him and none that sound like David A. There is a reason for that. Because no one in the Pop, Rock, or top 100 charts would want to hear a singer like this. Sure you can find singers like this on the easy listening stations, or the christian rock channels, but lets be honest. His voice is not any better then any of these singers. And While I agree at 17 he is young, I'd remind you that Britney Spears had just turned 17 when she released "hit me baby one more time" while I agree her voice wasn't spectacular and she is more show then substance, you can't argue with the sales numbers. Archuleta is no Britney, and will never have her appeal or record sales. So lets drop the "He's so young" routine and compare apples to apples. This competition is not about age, its about who can sell records. I think if you are honest with yourself, you would have to agree that Cook is the better choice.

blue98-windoze-bjm said...


Anonymous said...

David Archuleta sucks! I cant stand listening to his nasal twang everytime he sings. American IDULL has really gotten bad this season. At least David Cook is well rounded, he should win. David A. is definitely only theme park material at best. CMON AMERICA--WAKE UPPP PLEASE!!! AGGGHHH!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah he is lame. Boring, bland, mechanical. I feel like I'm on crazy pills when the judges praise him so much.

Anonymous said...

david a is absolutely terrible. the only reason he's in the top two is because of all the screaming little 10 year old girls who are in love with him...which i dont understand anyways because he looks like curious george. david cook is way better and much more original. i totally found this page by googling 'david archuleta sucks' by the way...which i noticed that some other people did as well. it'll be so stupid if david a wins, but i can already see it happening becuz nobody is actually paying attention to who has the real talent and who will actually sell records...becuz i will definitely buy david cook's.

Janie said...

While David A. might have more control in his voice than David C, the latter has something(s) that David A. does not... stage presence, better performances, marketability and a more popular "genre". I have to agree with the post above about Brit. Ms. Spears does not have a fantastic voice, but there is a market for her. I also feel like I would hear him on some crappy easy listening station that plays Celine Dion and other 45 year old, aging soccer mom stuff. However, it's not that same demographic that is voting. Odly, the young pre-teens are the ones voting, but they will most likley not be the ones who would listen to that type of music. I think he will rather quickly fade away unless they find a new way to market him. David C. seems like he is ready to make videos and sell records today. No changes necessary.

Taylor said...

Here's why D. Archuleta Sucks!!!

Fruit bat hater said...

The fact that anyone finds David Archuletta pleasing to listen to is just more confirmation that the world is spinning into utter and total chaos. And that's just his voice! His mannerisms are insanely irritating, and that idiotic, simpleton smile is so painful to watch everytime I suffer through another one of his lackluster performances. And is it just me...or does he look like a frikin' fruit bat? I think once people are forced to listen to his forced post-nasal drip voice without having to deal with his adolescent drivels of " you really like me, I think I'm ok as a singer", and cutey-pie smirk... trust me, the radio will boot him, his album sales will tank, and he'll be back in obscurity (where he belongs, seriously). Right now he's a very weird media sensation...much like Jackass a few years ago: once the novelty has worn of, you realize really how irritating and lame it really is! Mark my words...Archuletta is the next American Idol "Who?".

fruit bat hater said...

Just finished watching Round 2 of the Finals (Uggghhhh!): And can someone please take that anchor on Archuletta's ridiculous blazer, wrap it around his neck, attach Randy ("duh, you could sing the phonebook dawg"), Paula ("you're a star, you've always been a star, you can have some of my Ambien if you need it to keep from crying up there...) and Simon ("If I could cash you as a check, I'd put you in my wallet right it and run. Your Dad can have the profits from your second album HA ha ha ha HA HA HA!!!), and have them all sink to the bottom of the tweeny covered bottom of the Idol-Pop(ularity) music ocean.

fruit bat hater said...

Please God grant me one wish:
Have Archuletta loose after all of the lame praise by the 3 Stooges.
It would be PRICELESS to watch him crumble on stage with a loss after all of that "you scored a knockout punch" on the night before. And his Dad's reaction...oh baby! Now THAT would be primetime TV BABY!!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

David Archusucka needs to go back to high school and get an education. If anything he will be a one hit wonder. That one hit will be a slow song that will be played at 54.78% of the 2008 High School Homecomings and 73.51% of the 2009 Proms. After that he will be a nobody. I mean, when is the last time you heard Ruben, Fantasia (what the hell was that thing on Idol last week? My lord was that ridiculous), the old looking gray haired guy, and the rest of the idols that did nothing. David Cook actually has a pretty nice resume in music. Check it out on Wikipedia some time. Archusucka is horrible. I don't care if every 13 year old girl wants to go down on him for their first experience, he sucks. He sucks bad. It's all been said here...slow songs only, nasaly, blah blah blah. If I saw him on the street I would probably spit on him for wasting my time...and don't get me started on his dad. If I saw him on the street I would kick the crap out of him. I would take that hat off his bald ass head and shove it strait up his ass so far he would have to have a proctologist remove it with a 9" tweezer. Archusuckas must not be allowed to continue. All you 12-14 year old girls out there, quit watching TV, get your homework done and get an education.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad a found this site! He makes my skin crawl!

He has a pedofileish quality to him that creeps me out.

If any man gay or strait thinks he is cute you better RUN from them!

Clive said...

David Archuleta to me was clearly the winner. I work in the music industry for a major record company. And let me say this, there is a bigger reason why Simon apologized to David Cook very simply he knew Cook was going to win. And the Ellen show appearance was very suspect and in my opinion was to sway votes to Cook. But we will never trulyknow the real vote count. to win by 12 million votes? sounds like a flash back to how Bush stole the election from Gore. That being said we have thousands of demos and recordings of singers that sound just like David Cook that are collecting dust. He may do well with his first album but will dissappear after that. the market has to many artists like him. David Archuleta will be around for a long time. He will have great success. The record label that he goes with will market him alomg the same lines as Josh Groban with a youthfull flare and he will out sell david cook. and have songs in movie soundtracks and much much more.

As they always say those who cant hate

Clive Barker

Taylor said...

Clive. An opinion allows me to disagree with what you're saying. I will admit. I have never been in the music industry and I don't know much about music terminology or anything of that sort. However, with this being said, I do know the difference between a quality and not so quality singer.

David Cook is just ok. I will agree with you there. He has nights where he sings most wonderfully. One of those nights was last night with ZZTop. Then he has nights where he's not so great. Although it's my belief that Cookwas
the most consistent in the competition.

I will disagree with you however, on the part where you stated, "He (Cook) may do well with his first album but will dissappear after that."
It's my full belief that David Cook, if his writing
skills are of any decency, will sell well and will
be successful.

On the other side of things, David Archuleta did
do well on the last day of the competition. However,
in prior weeks he consistently forgot the lyrics.
Once was in the Chris Brown song and the other
was in a group performance. Also note that
Archuleta sang Chris Brown horribly and and along
with that performed horrid dance moves.
And please notice, the only songs Archuleta does
do pretty well on are 'slow' style songs.

Appearance wise, Archuleta is that of a 13 year old
Disney character, and it's my belief that's what he is made
to do. Disney.

In terms of the results of the show, they were accurate.
It just so happens that Simon Cowell probably heard what
most of us did in Archuleta's voice when he watched
the replay on tv. What horrid sound do I speak of?

The one at the following link:

Overall, the results were accurate and the cards fell
to who was victorious. Had this been my opinion, I don't
think either of them completely deserved a W.

-Taylor from

Anonymous said...

Well Clive, if you really were in the "music industry" you'd probably be out of a job right now for offering up your opinion on a forum like this. That is never done so publicly without retribution. And just like Taylor said, Cook's versatility is whats going to make him a big star. Performing other genre's of music well (like they were asked to do on Idol) is more than making every song you choose sound like the old school standards that you're good at singing (the way Mr. Archuleta did). Mr. Barker, I hope you learn a thing or two in your time spent in whichever record label's mail room you're working in.

fruit bat hater said...

Gimme a break Clive Barker (actually a rip off name of a famous horror movie director..which lends even less cred to your write-up). And if you are such a record did you have time to cruise the web googling "David Archuletta sucks"?
David Cook is a dime a dozen voice...if more guys like him tried out, they would get some recognition, but most wont sell out like that. Cook realized that he is a dime a dozen and took the chance, and will make kudos to him.
As for Archuletta, seriously, if you take away that goofy (LOL DISNEY-reference) mug staring at you, and really just LISTEN to him, you will realize that any more than 2 minutes is irritating, and an album worth of whining slow songs won't be a hit.
Clive're a clown...we all know it.

Anonymous said...

what makes this kid so special? If you can barely breathe, please do us a favor and don't sing.

Jerry Gallagher said...

I am also glad he didn't win. The people who arranged Imagine ruined it for me. When I start off saying imagine there no heaven. The arrangers butchered John Lennon's song. Then David gave his same unstunning I can sing a phone book performance. No vibrato, no falseto yohoo. nothing. Just a decent rendition of a happy version of a song that has cut all the meaning out of imagine.

Somone's daddy said...

You said it!!
"David Archuleta Sucks!"
I said I will never watch AI again if that
whimpy gaywad wins! Thank God he LOST!

Now the real Idol can get out and make a name for himself.
you would have thought the judges would have learned from their previous MISTAKES! Ruben, Taylor Hicks, Fantasia.... LOSERS!!!!
and now because Simon loves young boys he backs The titty baby Archuleta! GOOD Riddance you whimpy panty waste!!! go back to Utah and cry to mommy and daddy maybe Simon will pick you up in his MILLION dollar car and you can go blow each other!!!

Professional Drummer said...

Clive said...
David Archuleta to me was clearly the winner. I work in the music industry for a major record company.
Who is going to buy those CD's? Little girls? Adults or should I say "The people with the $$" are the one's that buy CD's. IF you want to appeal to the one's that buy your way off base. Archuleta is a loser a Ruben. he will sell a low number of CD's and his label will eventually cancel him.

He has NO Originality nor a clue as to how to arrange a song as in changing time signatures, restructuring a song to appeal to an audience. IF you are a big wig in the industry it must be in your mind and you must be very poor because your WAY OFF on this one.

fruit bat hater said...

BTW, I'm sure "CLIVE BARKER" meant "CLIVE OWEN", who is a music producer, and would no way ever find his way to this blog.

Los said...

You know, Archuleta is my favorite. And I gotta say that Cook is really good too and it hurts me to say this but I know he's gonna sell more than Archuleta (at least his first cd). But what people don't realize is that David Cook on his cd is not gonna take a song and make it his own like he did on American Idol. Now the thing is different. I do wish them a great career.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i also googled "david archuleta sucks"...when he sings he sounds like kermit the frog...what a joke

Anonymous said...

the first time I saw him at the auditions, I felt something is not right about this kid. The way he talks, the way he kisses the judges ass's, its like everything was scripted or practiced. Or rather hes bio engineered in a lab to be pop-star, as if hes has clones of himself in vials waiting to be spawned. I dont no, he really gives me the creeps....

Anonymous said...

i like david cook better but david a is alright but he is pretty boring he always sounds the same but my sister is in love with him and my cuz but cook is way better i just hate how he always sounds the same

Anonymous said...

Well david a is my fav just to let you no that more people like him then you and dare u to post this comment

AnotherTeenageArchieFan said...

Give the poor guy a break! He's definitely got the raw talent and I'm so glad he's another post-idol success story. Although I have to agree with the fact that there's a high chance he'll join the likes of aaron carter and nsync in the cemetery of long gone teenboppers. But he's only 18 atm so you can't really expect anything truly deep and artistic just as yet. And even if that was the case he's never gonna appeal to older people in general no matter what his style is.

So he's just goin with what he's been presented with: an army of younger fans celebrating his success in there own special ways. Screaming seems to be at the top of the list for some reason. That's why he shows up on peachy Disney series and keeps everything G rated. In the end I truly hope he evolves into a true, universally respected artist.

I definitely class myself as a fan but that doesn't mean I worship him as the so-called "Chosen One". I respect him as an artist and a person and that's just about it. Honestly he cud have the ugliest mug and I'd still tune into his music.

Wot I really like about David Archuleta is his innocence and modesty. He seems like such a down-to-earth guy, he's also involved with so many charities. And unlike several other celebs his age (ie. miley cowfaced cyrus) he isn't spoilt and obnoxious; lets hope fame doesn't do that to him. Yeah and so he's not as savvy as Cook and a little wierd with his words but he still hasnt matured fully just as yet. Maybe its all a show but he's sure got me fooled!

Anonymous said...

you know huh., if you don't like david archuleta, then don't even post comments like these...

you don't have the right to say all those annoying thoughts for him!

david archie has a very good talent,his voice was nice to hear...

you really don't know how to recognize good performers..

i can't really think why david cook won the AI season 7..!

and excuse me huh, david's CD
was certified GOLD..
because the song inside it reaLLy rocks! and it's NOT BORING!

yOu all guys have NO TASTE for disliking him!


even he didn't won the idol, he was still more famous than COOK.

yOu gUys are all LOSERS!!!bLeh
yOu SUCK!!!!!!!!!!

fRom pHilippines

leen said...

I think it's okay if peoples think David Archuleta sucks. It's their opinion, I hate another singers too --> like, JUSTIN BIEBER, ew.

But david archuleta is in the pop music, so you can't make him singing rock, metal, ya whatever... So if you think that
he has a boring music, well, that's kinda unacceptable. You can't make a super rock band singing a jazz song.

And I think he has a great voice, remember when he sang Imagine by John Lennon? Yoko Ono impressed with his voice, and that's one of the prove that DA is nice.

That's what I think, I'm so sorry if I hurt anyone. Lemme say it again, it's your own choice if you hate Archuleta, that's OK! Nobody in this world who have no haters.

Thanksssss. lol :)