Monday, March 31, 2008

Tonight I was robbed...

Tonight a few things happened that left me short of breath.

A) I have a new stalker. Sorry Diana. The competition is getting stiffer.

B) I finished Veronica Mars, and it was a huge let down. Heres a run down of the last 24 hours as I made my way through the final episodes of the series, collected from my Facebook Status Updates on the subject.

Sunday afternoon: Trying to get through a few more eps of Veronica Mars before leaving for the circus. Will season 3 ever get good? Only 2 discs left!

Monday, 5:00 PM: Running a temperature and counting the minutes until I can go home and finish Season 3 of Veronica Mars

Tonight I got home around 7:00 PM and immediately put in disc 6, the final disc in my Season 3 booklet, the final season of like the best ever series on television. The disc loads. I'm already itching for the final episode or two to begin. But alas, disc 6 was nothing but Extras! Not one episode on it! I didn't watch "The Bitch is Back" episode thinking, okay Susanne, prepare yourself for crying. The end of an era must be celebrated with tears. Tear of joy. Tears of sadness. But there must be tears. I'm such a wuss. I've spent months obsessed with this television show. I've added Veronica Mars to your list of heroes, right next to Mitch Hedberg and Hillary Clinton. And shes fictional!! The last ep (which I had to rewatch by the way because it was so damn unremarkable) was like, la dee dah, Veronica walks out of a voting booth. No mystery. No intrigue. The first two seasons had blockbuster finales. A murder was solved, another question was asked. If I'd know that was it for Ronnie I would have been like, WTF! Are you kidding me? Thats it?!! Instead I was like, that episode was boring. It ended and I thought, tomorrow I'll finish the series and it'll be awesome. Rob Thomas the creator never let me down before. No. That feeling of awesomeness was stolen from me. Now I'll need to start from scratch and emotionally prepare myself correctly for the moment when the show ends. First ep, VM cuts Wallace off the flag pole. Let the games begin. Zehava tells me I can't blame Rob. Its the nonexistent television audience that never watched the show that was blamed for its downfall. But dude, the least he could have done was ended with a real zinger. A rapist hiding in the voting booth? Lily Kane's ghost standing at the door of the polling station to comfort Veronica? Dick the dick shows up with roses and professes his undying love for Veronica? So many awesome options. Rob? Why'd you disappoint me so? Harumph! There was an easter egg on disc 6. I'll give him that. The proposal of season 4, if CW network had given them another season. It was pretty fun to watch. But at the same time, it was a total sell out. Rob made it into just another girl at the FBI show. Veronica looked like the blond chick from Cold Case in her blue pantsuit. I know he wanted season 4 to have a chance at survival by reinventing it as your typical detective show, but honestly, it sullied my memory a little bit. I really feel robbed of that warm fuzzy feeling I had when watching my other favorite shows come to an end. I remember watching the West Wing and Dawson's Creek finales, other shows I was emotionally involved in end. This was a disappointment. Ronnie, you let me down.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Celeb sighting #1

Can you guess which celebrity couple shared my subway car this evening? I'll give you a hint. I was standing about one degree away from them. I was desperate to talk to them, or ask for autographs, or snap a picture... But nooooooo, Reifer wouldn't allow me to. Something about me always making a scene on the subway. She lies. Believe it or not, I've never really had one of these chance encounters with celebrities that everyone in New York talks about. So this was mucho exciting for me. I could barely contain myself. I wonder if they thought I was cool. I sure hope so.


Just saw the movie tonight at a free screening. It was pretty amazing. The state of being that our soldiers are coming back from this war is absolutely heartbreaking. We were in tears the entire movie. We need to get out of Iraq ASAP! At least there was eye candy. Ryan Phillipe and Channing Tatum (who is shirtless for a good portion of the movie's beginning!) are gorgeous! HOOAH!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

David Archuleta Sucks!

Ooooh, I'm just waiting for the Susanne bashing to begin. I read a review in New York Magazine's online edition about last night's Idol performance. And they LOVE David Archuleta. I still haven't gotten on the boat. Just like the message I have for my Obamaphile friends, I'm just not ready to go there. So I posted the below comment after reading the article that I thought I'd share:

"I am still not figuring out the whole David Archuleta obsession. I admit he has a pretty voice. But this is voting for the whole package and I ain't voting for a kid that doesn't even know who wrote some of the songs he sings or the fact that "Another Day in Paradise" is not a happy song (its about homelessness you moron, not a vacation at Atlantis). David Cook is the one I think is a star. Even though everyone keeps claiming he's steailing arrangements from other groups. What he's done with his latest performances (Eleanor Rigby, Billie Jean) has been brilliant. Like when Brooke White did Love Is a Battlefield as a ballad. Amazing! It would have been perfect in my book if she didn't do basically the same exact performance every single week. Good season so far. I'm waiting until the day when Archuleta loses it and runs off stage. That'll be the day."

As soon as David Cook loses his flock of seagulls haircut, I think he'll be going places.

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Panic Years?

The Panic Years: A Guide to Surviving Smug Married Friends, Bad Taffeta, and Life on the Wrong Side of 25 without a Ring by Doree Lewak.

I know what you are thinking. Susanne recommending a book? She doesn't even read! Well thats a complete lie. I do read. I've got a pile of Archie comics and People magazines stacked up in my bathroom. Well, when I come across a book that is worth reading I feel the need to tell you to check it out. We all know what its like. You are best friends with this girl. They meet a guy, get married, and you never hear from them again. They become that smug married girl that they promised you they'd never become when you sat in their dorm room listening to details after the couple's third date. I'm not bitter. I am happy for all my friends that accidently lost my phone number when they got married and started popping out babies. I just feel sorry for them that they no longer get to experience the awesomeness that is Susanne. I shouldn't generalize. I still see a bunch of them. We meet up for dinner. I go for Shabbos. I love their kids (I am a Savvy Auntie after all)! All in all, its good to have a book where someone else says the things that all of us single ladies in our late 20s and 30s are thinking (ie Chapter 4: How not to be bitter at your friends' weddings). This should be some good reading. I ordered my copy today!

Side story: I met Doree a couple years ago at a focus group for the Jewish dating website Frumster (thats a story for another blog post altogether). Also in attendance was William Levin writer of one of my favorite comic strips about a Jewish Robot, Shabot 6000. I know telling you that I met them there might harm their street cred, but so be it. When I first heard she was writing this book I was excited. It'll be interesting to see how this spunky girl deals with the ridiculousness of New York City dating. And after reading the first chapter "Confessions of a Panicker" I am excited to see whats next. Might Doree be the Carrie Bradshaw that us Stern grads living in Washington Heights and the Upper West Side have been looking for? I'm starting to think so.

****My copy arrived today. I'm so excited to get reading. My mom would be so proud!****

Thursday, March 13, 2008


So I'm trying to figure out this Twitter business. Everyones using it and everyone swears by it. So I'm giving it a shot. I was WAY behind with MySpace (Jen, one of my least tech savvy friends first told me about it, bad sign from the start) and years behind with Facebook. I wasn't even in college when I signed up (I was 25) and never heard of a facebook. Yeshiva University has a kind of facebook type of thing where all the students' pictures are posted in one spot, but they prefer to call it Frumster. So I've signed up for Twitter (search for me, my name is susqhb). Hopefully, I'm on my way to getting ahead in this tech savvy world. Next step-taking over the universe. First step in taking over the universe- helping to write the Mount Sinai Purim Shpiel to be presented without interruption on March 20th, one week from tonight. If you thought my Frumster joke was funny, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Winner Takes All

Okay, so tonight I did what might be the most loserish thing of my life. I've been thinking for a while about the campaign of John McCain. The Republican party's primary set up is a winner takes all event. If a candidate wins the popular vote in the state, they carry every single one of the state's delegates. Thats why Senator McCain has already accumulated enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee for his party even with Mike Huckabee hanging on and stealing a good chunk of votes in many of the states. The Democrats on the other hand, have this lame, convuluted set up where the votes get carved up depending on which districts you won within the state. So like the disturbing 2000 election, there is the possibility that the less popular candidate will win the majority of delegates. So I started thinking, what if the Dems had a winner take all set up? So I dorkily created a Google Spreadsheet and inputted the numbers. And I was shocked. If the states that Hillary won were not divvied between her and Barack Obama, Hillary would be leading Obama by more than a thousand delegates! If we include the state of Ohio (which was just projected an hour or so ago) and Rhode Island, she'd currently have 1,476 delegates. Shes currently ahead in Texas. If she takes that her total would be 1,704. Wait, heres another doozy. If the votes counted from the Michigan and Florida primaries (which Hill won by huge margins) she'd be up to 2,070!! Now lets look at Barack Obama. Including the ridiculously liberal state of Vermont which he won tonight, he would only control 967 delegates!!! Thats a difference of 1,103! Why are the pundits not pointing this out? I know its a moot point. Its not the case, so why point out. But seriously. You cannot win the general election as the Democratic nominee unless you are immensely popular in the states that count. Hillary is the one winning the BIG states. California, New York, Massachusetts, Florida (if it was counted, damn DNC!). Shes the most popular Democratic candidate in these states. States that are must wins for the Democratic candidate for President. 6 of Obama's 14 wins were in states that are almost definitely red states come November. Some of the most ardent Democratic friends of mine are already predicting a McCain win in '08. Why? Because Obama may win the Democratic candidacy. And no matter how badly we must keep a Republican out of the next White House, McCain will beat Obama. McCain versus Clinton? He doesn't stand a chance.