Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Office

I am a recent fan of the Steve Carrell show "The Office". I don't think its God's Gift to Television like most people of late (duh, God's Gift was 90210). One of the most endearing aspects of the show are the pranks that are pulled (usually by Jim and Pam) on their ridiculous coworkers (usually Dwight and Andy). Some genius has compiled a list of their pranks on a website.

I have two favorite pranks. One was from last week's episode when Jim and Pam stole kiss butt Andy's cell phone that Andy had sooo proudly uploaded with a ringtone he had painstakenly created with his own acapella skills. Jim and Pam threw the cell phone onto the ceiling tile right above Andy's head and called the phone periodically throughout the day driving Andy nuts.

The best prank EVER is when Jim stole Dwight's stationary and started sending him faxes from Dwight's Future Self. Dwight is sooo dense he really thought his future self had someone bent the space time continuum to come back in time to warn himself about mundane things. Hysterical!

Great show! Bravo inspired cast!

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Maureen Agrees...

Maureen Dowd's column today in the New York Times was excellent. I recommend you all check it out. I always admire Maureen's candor and thoroughly enjoy how she seems to articulate my very own thoughts. She speaks the truth about what goes on in our nation's Capitol with what many regard as a liberal tint. But mostly I think its the truth plain and simple.

Today she talked about Dick Cheney's role in the current Iraqi conflict and how he has "an inspired alienation from reality". She even quoted the VP much like I did in Thursday's post in regards to the White House's reaction to bills criticizing the current surge of troops, “It won’t stop us,” Cheney remarked.

Maureen, you make my Wednesdays and Saturdays a little brighter. The only way I could be more excited is if they decide to include your column in the Times 7 days a week. A girl can wish.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Real or Fake?

Tamar thinks its all baloney but I've seen brides freak on their wedding day so who knows...You be the judge. The bride enters around 4:25 on the tape. This just enhances my belief that Xanax is a key element of a successful wedding.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

What am I thinking?

Weather report for Friday, January 26th:

Partly cloudy with scattered flurries. Blustery and colder with highs around 20. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts up to 35 mph. Wind chill values as low as 6 below.

Why the F%#* do I still live in New York?

Wish me luck.

Well, I didn't vote for him...or his boss

Vice President Dick Cheney was quoted in the Times this morning saying, "It won't stop us," on CNN, discussing the Senate Foreign Relations committee's approval of a resolution opposing President Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq.

Last I checked we had this beautiful thing called checks and balances. If the president ever came up with some ludicrous plan congress could say, hold on a second there sir, my constituents (read: voters and taxpayers) wholeheartedly don't approve of your initiative. Can the president really think he can run a totalitarian regime? Apparently he does. Wikipedia smartly describes it as "maintain(ing) themselves in political power by means of single-party state, secret police, propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, personality cult, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, the use of mass surveillance." Most of those seem to describe him well in my book. "Restriiction of free discussion and criticism?" Is that like how the Dixie Chicks were cut down three years ago for pointing out President Bush's misguided march to Iraq? I only wish more influential Americans had stood up then to say the same damn thing. "Mass surveillance?" Well, thank God thats not something Presient Bush ever considered.

The New York Times listed 22 US soldiers who died yesterday in Iraq. Of the 22, 2 were Colonels, 1 was a Lieutenant Colonel, 1 was a Major, and 1 was a Captain. This is no longer a war where only "disposable" foot soldiers are being killed. How many more brave Americans need to die before this becomes clear? I can't handle spending every morning on the subway tearing up while reading about a young father of two who was blown away in the sectarian violence. Enough is enough. We impeached President Clinton, the greatest modern president, for canoodling with an intern. But our current president is going to send 40,000 more troops to risk their lives. You thought your State of the Union speech would convince your voters, taxpayers, and naysayers, to stop their criticism, but I'm sorry Mr. President, "It won't stop us".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mount Sinai hosting Comedy Event

It may be early (I know, very un-Susannelike) but I want you to mark your calendars for an awesome event taking place at my shul, Mount Sinai Jewish Center, on Wednesday evening, February 14th. My buddy Margie saw this incredible comedian during her last trip to Eretz Yisroel and begged him to perform in our shul during his next US tour...and he agreed. David Kalimnick will be performing his hit one-man standup comedy show entitled: "The Aliyah Monolgues: Find Me a Wife". So bring your friends, bring your roommates, bring your mom, bring your rabbi, bring your Saw You At Sinai shidduch date, bring your fiance, bring your chavrusa, bring your SOY seforim sale purchases, bring your husband, hire a babysitter for your kid and come to the show. His show will be kosher (contrary to prior belief that if I'm promoting the event it must be racy), so everyone is welcome! As kosher as Bagel City challah at least. For more info visit the event posting on Bangitout. Margie also wants me to "open" for him. Not sure exactly what that means but apparently she thinks I'm funny or something. Hope to see you there!!!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

Is Paula Abdul for real?

Seriously, we all know that she is messed up, but why on Earth did the American Idol producers allow her to go on these interviews in the state shes in? Hell, I'd rather watch Randy Jackson saying "dawg" for an hour. Oy Vey! Check these out. Even the interviewers are unable to keep a straight face.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Law & Order

I guess if I were in charge or picking a location for filming Law & Order Criminal Intent, Washington Heights would be a natural choice. Located in upper Manhattan it looks like a scuzzier place than it really is. I mean, with the Starbucks hidden around the corner from the camera's view finder it looks like any other street corner of Harlem. Only this is Washington Heights. Home of the yuppie. Sure, we still have plenty of Dominicans but like they say, "If you build it (Starbucks) they will come (yuppies)". Don't get me wrong I love my Hispanic neighbors, they are incredibly nice, its the yuppies that get on my nerves. Anyway, when I got home from work last night they were taping the popular show in front of my apartment. I saw Chris Noth's chair. Yes, seeing Mr. Big's chair was very exciting. My life is pretty dull.

I sat on my fire escape to watch the filming below (bird's eye view is always best) and could see the makeshift set across the street where their requisite "dead body" was covered in a white sheet and humorously popped up a couple times between takes to get shelter and keep warm scaring the crap out of the kids who came to watch. I guess lying on the ground in a sheet is pretty chilly.

And then directly below was where Chris and his partner were "interrogating" their "perp". Yeah, I'm down with the police show lingo.

I also took a couple videos which basically showed the action while I commentated(ex. "um, and theres Chris Noth...uh, walking down the steps. Cool"). I didn't upload those videos yet though. Trust me, you ain't missing anything. The only true excitement came when I almost dropped my phone off the fire escape and when the crane that was brought in for lighting almost crashed into the Washington Heights eruv. It being late Thursday night and a kiddush in shul Shabbos day, if Law & Order broke my eruv they would have had hell to pay. I'd be pissed. Anyway, thats my exciting Washington Heights story. Have a Good Shabbos!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Professional Bull Riding

Okay, I've been known to frequent the Rodeo Bar, but then again, who hasn't been there. But I've never been to a real rodeo. I know right?! What girl owns not one but two cowboy hats and has not yet been? That was until this weekend.

I got tickets on Craigslist for the Professional Bull Riders competition at Madison Square Garden. Little did I know that I'd become sooo obsessed. Initially I just wanted an excuse to wear my hat and boots. I bought tickets for Sunday's show but found out that one of my first favorite country singers, Clay Walker, was performing during the intermission of Saturday night's show. So of course I needed to get tickets for that as well. I went with my buddy Destiny Saturday and to my relief they were not checking tickets at each level so we got out at the first level and sat in a row right next to the chutes. Awesome view. We saw all the bulls as they awaited their turn to throw the riders to the ground. We were surrounded by a group of Brazillians there to cheer on the Brazillian World Champion rider Adriano Moraes. Last year this dude made $1.36 million riding bulls! Afterwards we headed to Yogi's my favorite country bar in NY. Dest and I had a great time (as always) and lots of hot cowboys were hitting on me. But I looked hot so who can blame them.

A couple girls were so drunk they were dancing on the bar. I of course took pictures of said event to preserve its posterity.

The next day I returned with Sho D and we sat in what I thought were the same seats as the night before but turned out to be one section closer to the action. Little did we know, but we were sitting in the rider's family and VIP block of seats. After an hour or so Sho says "Dude, do you see who that is?!" So I look to see who the dude is who sat in the seat beside us. It was none other than country music LEGEND George Strait!!!
George was so cool, he was just sitting there minding his own business. George being a very traditional old school country artist in New York City, he totally went undetected. Undetected by everyone other than us that is. I had to sneak pitures of him so I'd believe myself when I shared the stories with my friends later that night. Sho and I were having cows in the row directly behind him. I stepped out of our row to get a better look at him and as I did he got up out of his seat, nodded a hello to me, and all I could mumble was a quiet howdy. I totally lost my nerve to ask for a picture. I'm sooo bummed out.

After he left Sho struck up conversation with this bull rider who was on the disabled list that was sitting in front of us. He confirmed it really was George Strait and he filled us in about life on the Pro Bull Riding tour. The rider's name was Jim but I forgot his last name. Jim was an awesome awesome dude. Hopefully he'll be back on the bulls soon!

Anyway, bull riding is awesome. These riders are true athletes and the bulls are as well. But the ultimate bravery was shown by the rodeo clowns. These are the dudes that distract the bulls when the bull really just wants to step on the rider he just bucked off. They thrown their hats at him, hit the bull on the nose, anything to piss it off and draw attention from the rider. These are crazy crazy dudes. But so brave. My hats off to you. Pro Bull Riding was one of the most awesome experiences I've had in a long time. I encourage everyone to check it out. And for those naysayers who claim how cruel this is to the animals, they need to see how respected the bulls are in this sport. The bull is King!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nuns on Ice

Tamar and I went skating today at Bryant Park. We've only gone a couple times and wanna get in as much skating as possible before the rink closes next Thursday. I guess a nearby convent had the same idea. There was a whole group of nuns there today. I felt bad because I felt compelled to take pictures (unobtrusively with my camera phone, not my big honkin' camera). I felt bad because I know thats what other people do when they see like a Chasidic Jew walking around Disneyland. Oh well, I still needed proof of what I saw or I wouldn't believe it later. It was great to see them out enjoying themselves. I'm glad that there are still young women out there like myself who want to be part of the God Squad. Are you in?

Whoops, how'd that one get in there? Oh Tamar. You're such a ballerina on skates.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Refuah Shleima (Get Well Soon)

I want to wish a refuah shleima (a full recovery) to my buddy Tovey who is suffering from self-diagnosed hair straightener elbow. It was actually confirmed by ED our resident PT/OT/WhateverT over Shabbos lunch at which point I stopped giggling. Feel better!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Okay, I owe this one completely to Avi Z. He just called to ask to borrow my first season of Felicity. Don't know many dudes who watched the show, but hey, if hes manly enough to borrow it, props to him. You are the bomb Avi. Anyway, the reason Avi wanted to borrow my DVDs was that according to him, he wasn't able to watch the show on PeekVid. I just figured this was any other bittorrent site. But he informed me that you can watch movies, tv shows, and more without downloading them. They are all on pop up screens that you can watch online much like YouTube and Google Video. Long story short, it rules. I am watching the Borat movie right now and plan to cancel Showtime since the only show I subscribe for is on this site. Thanks Avi for saving me 8 bucks a month. You rule. Just wanted to share my good fortune with y'all. Take it easy.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Tim McGraw Video

I just got an email from TimMcGraw.com and lo and behold, Tim released a new video which I assume will be for the first single off his new album which I assume means its coming sometime in the near(ish) future. I'm sooo fired up! The song is called Last Dollar (Fly Away) with a surprise ending. Its actually quite adorable but I guessed the ending halfway into the song and ruined the surprise for myself. Oh well. Enjoy!