Friday, January 12, 2007

Law & Order

I guess if I were in charge or picking a location for filming Law & Order Criminal Intent, Washington Heights would be a natural choice. Located in upper Manhattan it looks like a scuzzier place than it really is. I mean, with the Starbucks hidden around the corner from the camera's view finder it looks like any other street corner of Harlem. Only this is Washington Heights. Home of the yuppie. Sure, we still have plenty of Dominicans but like they say, "If you build it (Starbucks) they will come (yuppies)". Don't get me wrong I love my Hispanic neighbors, they are incredibly nice, its the yuppies that get on my nerves. Anyway, when I got home from work last night they were taping the popular show in front of my apartment. I saw Chris Noth's chair. Yes, seeing Mr. Big's chair was very exciting. My life is pretty dull.

I sat on my fire escape to watch the filming below (bird's eye view is always best) and could see the makeshift set across the street where their requisite "dead body" was covered in a white sheet and humorously popped up a couple times between takes to get shelter and keep warm scaring the crap out of the kids who came to watch. I guess lying on the ground in a sheet is pretty chilly.

And then directly below was where Chris and his partner were "interrogating" their "perp". Yeah, I'm down with the police show lingo.

I also took a couple videos which basically showed the action while I commentated(ex. "um, and theres Chris Noth...uh, walking down the steps. Cool"). I didn't upload those videos yet though. Trust me, you ain't missing anything. The only true excitement came when I almost dropped my phone off the fire escape and when the crane that was brought in for lighting almost crashed into the Washington Heights eruv. It being late Thursday night and a kiddush in shul Shabbos day, if Law & Order broke my eruv they would have had hell to pay. I'd be pissed. Anyway, thats my exciting Washington Heights story. Have a Good Shabbos!

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