Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Office

I am a recent fan of the Steve Carrell show "The Office". I don't think its God's Gift to Television like most people of late (duh, God's Gift was 90210). One of the most endearing aspects of the show are the pranks that are pulled (usually by Jim and Pam) on their ridiculous coworkers (usually Dwight and Andy). Some genius has compiled a list of their pranks on a website.

I have two favorite pranks. One was from last week's episode when Jim and Pam stole kiss butt Andy's cell phone that Andy had sooo proudly uploaded with a ringtone he had painstakenly created with his own acapella skills. Jim and Pam threw the cell phone onto the ceiling tile right above Andy's head and called the phone periodically throughout the day driving Andy nuts.

The best prank EVER is when Jim stole Dwight's stationary and started sending him faxes from Dwight's Future Self. Dwight is sooo dense he really thought his future self had someone bent the space time continuum to come back in time to warn himself about mundane things. Hysterical!

Great show! Bravo inspired cast!

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