Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nuns on Ice

Tamar and I went skating today at Bryant Park. We've only gone a couple times and wanna get in as much skating as possible before the rink closes next Thursday. I guess a nearby convent had the same idea. There was a whole group of nuns there today. I felt bad because I felt compelled to take pictures (unobtrusively with my camera phone, not my big honkin' camera). I felt bad because I know thats what other people do when they see like a Chasidic Jew walking around Disneyland. Oh well, I still needed proof of what I saw or I wouldn't believe it later. It was great to see them out enjoying themselves. I'm glad that there are still young women out there like myself who want to be part of the God Squad. Are you in?

Whoops, how'd that one get in there? Oh Tamar. You're such a ballerina on skates.

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