Sunday, May 16, 2010

Moving Sale/Giveaways!

My husband Evan and I will likely be moving at some point this summer so I'm beginning to get rid of some items to bring down the exuberant cost of an interstate move. We have a ton of stuff to sell/giveaway before we move including a dresser, armoire, hanging storage, DVD storage, pantry, chairs, tables, Videos/DVDs/CDs, A/Cs and much much much more. We'll begin posting items and prices (many will be free with pick-up) and pictures here on the blog and Facebook so visit back often!

To start: FREE VHS Videos. First come-first served.

Circle of Friends
American Flyers
Tim McGraw- An Hour with Tim
In the Line of Fire
Hearts and Souls
Best of SNL- Wayne's World, Chris Farley, Best of 1993
Field of Dreams
Alanis Morrisette
My Best Friend's Wedding
Indian Summer
Notting Hill
First Wives Club
Book of Love
Ever After
GI Jane
Pure Country
Mickey Blue Eyes
For the Boys
Here on Earth
Steel Magnolias

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

3 Observations Since My Cruise

I've basically screwed over my blog by plugging all my juicy observations about life into my 140 character Twitterfeed. But sometimes that's just not enough space. So folks, I've come back to my trusty blog. I got off of the Norwegian Gem this morning in NYC after 10 days on vacation. Here are three things that have occurred to me today:

1) After 10 straight days with an afternoon nap, you wish you were back to being a toddler since you're extremely sad to have given them up.

2) My stomach hadn't growled in 10 days. That's what 3 (or more) 5-course meals per day will do to you. I'm actually hungry for my dinner when I get home. Haven't felt a hunger pang in well over a week.

and 3) Life is so much easier when the schedule fairy drops a minute by minute itinerary by your stateroom door each night before you go to bed. I felt discombobulated today trying to plan out my own day.

That's it for now. I really need to write more. Sorry about that.