Friday, May 30, 2008

Bearcats 1-1

We won our game yesterday. It was like 16-7. I was on base 2 of 3 times. We played literally under the Queensborough bridge at York and 59th streets. If your hit connects with the bridge (about 300 feet above the field) it can be played by the fielders. If it drops its designated a foul ball. My team hit two balls off of the bridge. Seriously New York City Parks department, are there no other real fields on which we can play? I'm paying like $200 for this league and I risk being struck by rivets from an old bridge. Seriously?!

I made one awesome put out at first which I was really proud of. Our third baseman made a wild throw and I had to come off the base a few feet to stop it. Instead of hurrying back to the bag I instinctively threw my glove hand at the batter as he ran up the baseline toward first, tagging him out. The umps reaction when I came to bat in the next inning was, "Wow, looks like you've played this game before." The human body really is an amazing thing. When anyone has spent a significant amount of time doing any particular thing it can be done absolutley and completely without thinking. I find it so incredible. Not to say I'm like a pro or anything, cuz I'm not, but I have played this game for 23 years and some things just sink in in that amount of time.

Quote of the game: Overheard chick on the other team say, "Wow, I've only ever played this sport on my Wii." She hit 2-3 so I guess that game system really works.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks Mom

Today is the 37th day of the Omer. And it took this long for my mom to mail me the bra I left in Cali over Pesach. Thanks for being so on top of this Mom! Although, USPS Flat Rate boxes do have a good thing going for them. Since my bra doesn't quite fill a box the box, mom filled it with several Easter eggs. Most notably some new contact lens solution that just entered the marketplace and a copy of my Bat Mitzvah reception video. Get ready to see Susanne just months shy of her 13th birthday...and dealing with the worst bout of stomach flu in the history of man. But don't you worry, I made it through the Shabbat morning service and layning just fine. Ever see a black tie Bat Mitzvah reception (with a life size replica of Pop Tate's Choklit Shoppe!) where the lucky girl is completely missing from the festivities? Nows your chance! Viewings daily!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Krups Heineken BeerTender

I will be registering for this. Oh yes, I will be registering for this.

Oh right! I'm engaged.

After spending most of my 28 years as a single, its hard to transform from available hotty into spoken-for woman. Oooohh the Bangitout Lager B'Omer party is tonight! Oh right, I'm not on the prowl anymore, nix that from my calendar. Oooohh, theres a SawYouAtSinai Shabbaton at the end of the summer! Oh wait, I'm going home for my bridal shower that weekend. But this week I've spent a lot of time looking at pictures. We took over 200 at my engagement party last week. And let me be frank, I looked good! I wore a cute dress. Put on a bunch of makeup. I even let Reif comb my hair. So being the narcissist that I am, I've been staring at my pictures non-stop. And they're everywhere! FACEBOOK! ONLYSIMCHAS! MYSPACE! I'm so vain I can't get enough of them. But the worst is this. Throughout the week I've caught myself riffling through pictures thinking, damn, I look good. And when I come to one of my more striking pictures, the first thought that comes to my mind is wow, this will make an incredible Frumster headshot. Doh! When will my brain realize I'm single no more?

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I already had a message prepared here lambasting the American Idol judges for crowning Archuleta champion on last night's finale. That was right before Ryan announced DAVID COOK was the new American Idol winner. Moments prior Simon Cowell decided to apologize for coming down on Cook too hard last night. Well Simon, too little, too late I'd say. But STUFF IT! Your boy lost. American Idol voters, you've restored my faith in the next generation! And by 12 million votes, David Cook is officially THE MAN! Way to go my Little Cookie! Who else was waiting for Archuleta's dad's head to explode? Now THAT would have made my night!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I'm Engaged

In case the word on the street hasn't reached you yet, I'm engaged. I, Susanne Michelle Goldstone will become Susanne Michelle Rosenhouse on December 28, 2008. My initials will go from SMG (smug) to SMR (smear). Not sure which is worse. I think they're both alright.

I apologize for the delay. Its taken me a week to post something on here. I've been ruminating a lot about what to say on here. In addition to the story of how this all went down, I'd also like to give you some thoughts about how I feel about simchas in general.

Now to preface, I'm not the type of girl who enjoys being the center of attention. Contrary to popular belief, I am pretty shy and having people singing, jumping, and dancing around me (literally) is not my cup of tea. That said, last Tuesday my boyfriend, now fiance (holy crap, thats like the first time I've uttered that aloud, well, not actually aloud, but still), and I became affianced.

Evan and I met on SawYouAtSinai. This is a Jewish dating site like no other. Instead of direct contact you have a shadchan or intermediary matchmaker set you up. Ours was Kim Davis Solomon. You may know her as Happy Kim. Kim was that girl in Stern who always had a smile on her face. She was always happy to see you. Always had an anecdote to cheer you up. Always made you a little bit happier. I tell my friends, "remember Kim Davis? She set us up." They go "who?" I go "Happy Kim." They go "ooooohhh HAPPY Kim, course we know her!" Point is, shes an incredible incredible person. So incredible that I sincerely believe that she is more happy about our engagement than both Evan and I put together (as if that's possible). I am so happy we were able to make her so full of joy and able to give this amazing woman the zechus (merit) of making our match.

As for the proposal which I know all my rabid female readers are waiting for, here goes. Was I suspicious that this was coming soon? Yes. It started over Pesach when I went to Dallas to meet my future in-laws. The day before I came to town Evan nonchalantly says, "so I went shopping today." I asked, "oh for a new suit?" "Nooo." "What then?" "Jewelry." "Oh..." Thank goodness the meeting went well. I get along with his family (at least the 90 of them that I met during my 3 day visit) and his grandparents LOVE me (its mutual, they are awesome!). :)

Evan asked me like a week earlier if I was free Tuesday night the 13th. I was like, um, we aren't the couple that makes plans in advance. We are mucho laid back. So that kind of tipped me off. He wanted to get tickets to the show I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. Thats kind of random. He never mentioned the show before. Plus, he suggested we go to dessert after, something we've never done after a show. So I was super suspicious at this point. So I cancelled some plans I had with my girlfriend's on Tuesday and told Evan I would go to show on Tuesday. I passed up Smokey Joes's for you Evan. Now THATS love!

We went out on Tuesday and nothing was too weird. I suggested we get a bite to eat. We went to Le Marais one of our faves since you can get a good kosher steak for an affordable price. Then we were off to the show. Evan didn't seem nervous or do anything out of the ordinary. We then walked to the show. It was a small theater but a very fun show about the trials and tribulations of being single in this day and ago. The show ended and I noticed Evan didn't take a program at first. So I thought to myself, if he was really going to propose tonight, he probably would have taken that with him as a memento. I went to the bathroom which I always do after a show (I have the world's smallest bladder, honest, look in the Guinness book for my picture). While I was in there I remember berating myself thinking how lame I was to think it might be tonight. I left the bathroom and found the lobby empty of our fellow theatergoers. Only a couple ushers were left in the room. And Evan said, "Susanne, can I ask you something?" I was like, "Um, I guess." Then he went into a beautifully planned speech using the elements of the show and ending with the question of whether I'd like to CHANGE from his girlfriend to his wife. The last part was done on bended knee. After gratefully accepting and exchanging hugs to the ecstatic cheers of the two ushers, the first thing out of my mouth was, "my God Evan, what if the play ended badly and everyone decided to stay single?" I don't think he had thought of that part. I'm glad it ended the way it did. Happily.

Of course, being me, I needed photographic evidence of this occasion. So I asked Evan to reenact the proposal while the ushers greatfully snapped pictures. We made our requisite phone calls to our family and friends and ventured out to find a cab to take home. The subway would put us out of cell phone range for too long and our well wishes were pouring in.

We got back to my apartment to find that my roomy Sharon had decorated my door. Back in Stern there was a custom to decorate the door of the latest 20-year-old to get engaged, in order to make all the other girls on her floor feel inadequate. I always wanted one...but sadly, I graduated YU without my MRS degree. So Sharon made up for lost time. See video here.

My favorite part about this whole experience has been the outpouring of mazel tovs. I've haven't had a real mazel tov in my life since like my Bat Mitzvah. Or I guess my college graduation. I've been stagnant without a simcha for at least 6 years. Simchas bring people together. They help old friends reconnect. So far like 10 friends who I haven't seen or heard from in 5-10 years have either called me up, emailed me, or signed my guestbooks on OnlySimchas or Shmais. People I know well (and some even vaguely) have stopped me on the street to tell me how great they think I am and how highly they regard my friendship. They've told me memories they have and other positive things about me. But most importantly, they want to say how happy they are to hear about my simcha. My question is this: Why wait for a simcha? Why not tell your friends and companions everyday how much you care about them? Someone told me yesterday that she doesn't think she'll ever get a mazel tov. That saddened me so much. I challenge you all to treat others like they have simchas in their lives. Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while and reconnect. Do it now, because who knows when you'll get a chance.

Now folks, please feel free to hit me up for brachos. Brides and grooms apparently have superpowers where we have an open line to God. Ask and you shall receive. Take advantage of my generosity.

My heart is bursting with all the warm Mazel Tov wishes! I may not get back to all of you, but they mean the world to me. Thank you!

For more pics visit my Facebook photo galleries. Enjoy!

L'Chaim Gallery 1
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The Infamous Bucket of Cheesy Poofs

Who paid Simon Cowell?

Oh Simon. David Archuleta didn't prove anything tonight. David Cook was the bomb on tonight's American Idol finale. For my boy Cook to win, I had to counter those rapid 13-year-old David Archuleta fans. I needed to fight fire with fire. So far, I've called David Cook's voting line IDOLS-05 about 25 times, and I'm still going. Although, not winning Idol isn't a death sentance, per say. Remember Chris Daughtry? Well, Chris, David Cook is on your heels. Get running!

Monday, May 12, 2008

You're Fired!

Ho Boy! Well, maybe not fired...yet. But Sue Simmons dropped the F bomb tonight on her intro to the 11:00 news. I missed it! But have no fear, visit the blogosphere! Sure enough within like 20 minutes of her fateful curse numerous blogs had already commented on it and at least one posted the video. My life is now complete. Are we going to go back to the days where even news is tape delayed? Oy vey!

Frozen OJ and Little League

Some of my fondest memories from growing up were of my Saturday mornings spent on the Seaview Little League diamond. I loved everything about it. Being chosen by my coach to recite the Little League pledge from the pitcher's mound. The words are so sacred and true that its awesome to think that boys and girls repeat this everyday. Some of the best moral objectives are included. See below:

I trust in God
I love my country and will respect its laws
I will play fair, and strive to win
But win or lose, I will always do my best

Also awesome: Getting a ticket for the snack bar after the game and getting Red Vines and Now & Laters. Getting my new uniform each year (Giants, Tigers, Orioles, etc) and being jealous of whoever was assigned to the Angels, our hometown team. Getting drafted into Minor A when all my friends were still in Minor B (okay, kinda sucky not being with friends, but cool to have my abilities acknowledged). Being the only girl on the team and still kicking the boy's butts.

And close to the top of my list of favorite memories was the annual pancake breakfast on opening day, and not just cuz I was the little chubby kid. Opening day was always amazing in general. But thie breakfast for some reason was always so much fun. Seeing all my friends again from different schools. Hanging with old buddies. Seeing former coaches. Here comes my odd segue. Today I ordered breakfast from around the corner and they delivered my egg and bagel with a small bottle of orange juice. I stuck it in the freezer to cool it off and forgot about it. When I went to take it out it was all slushy. Thats when the pancake breakfast and good times at Seaview popped into my head. For some reason, each year, the tiny little OJ containers were deliciously frozen. Of course, that morning was always freezing (69 degrees is considered freezing in Huntington Beach) but I was always excited to have the frozen OJ to go with my pancakes and bacon (yup, this was almost two decades before my kosher days).

So today's OJ made me fondly remember my Saturday's spent at LeBard field for my Seaview Little League games. Earlier this year the Huntington Beach City School District decided to sell LeBard school which is home to Seaview. When I was home for Passover I saw lawn signs everywhere around Huntington Beach. Instead of just toting support for Clinton, Obama, or McCain (mostly McCain, by the way, in Southern Orange County), people had "Save our Diamonds" signs on their front lawns.

One day during Passover 2008 I was driving down Brookhurst and passed the track where LeBard is located. So I decided to drive by, just in case my next time back in town the whole school is razed. Sadly, I didn't have a camera with me. There were games just starting this Friday afternoon. I first stopped at the Minor B field where a couple 10-year-olds were reciting the pledge. I kinda teared up a little. Then I went to watch the Minor A game where the Diamondbacks were in the lead. When I played, the Diamondbacks weren't even a farm team, now 12 kids had this team name emblazoned on their jerseys. On the Majors field they now have an announcer's booth with an announcer calling out the batters names and stats. All we had was our Team Mom keeping score. I am so old.

Today there is a "Save Seaview" website. Basically, I loved playing ball for Seaview. The fact that the school district wants to sell of the site where thousands of little boys and girls learned what it takes to "respect laws" and "play fair" is just infuriating. I implore you to visit the Save Seaview website and share your thoughts. Even if you didn't participate in Seaview. If you've ever had a kid in Little League somewhere, post a comment. If you think its just plain wrong, post a comment. I know this was a long ramble that started with a 10 ounce container of orange juice, but the importance should not be missed.

Jenna Bush Gets Married

Mazel Tov! Theres nothing like when a couple meets, discovers similar political leanings, falls in love, and gets married. Its just so beautiful. Kinda like what happened with my friends (and couple I married #1) Mark and Sura. But they're on the other side of the political spectrum.

PS: Doesn't President Bush look dreamy...sigh...

Thursday, May 08, 2008

David Archuleta Supporters are Big Babies

Some babe (or really gay male) just verbally attacked me for putting down David Archuleta. Don't his fans have anything better to do with their time? Honey, when you graduate from middle school and have to deal with real world issues like picking out a prom dress (fyi: I was prom queen runner-up) you will understand that attacking a fellow human being who is using their right to free speech is pretty damn lame. And if you are going to do it, at least be eloquent and use spell check and punctuation.

To paraphrase:
"you know you jerks david is better than all of you and he is hott!!! he will be the next american idol...u guys dont have the right to put down david because you don't even know him soooo yea david will win and u guys will be bitches for the rest of ur life haaa superman that yeahhh i said it JERKS!!!!

The part taken out was a long tirade where this individual spent an hour calling me fat. Yeah, that adds validity to your conjecture.

P.S. What the hell does "superman that" even mean? Oy, kids today. Please God don't let this commenter be a 35 year old man...


Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The End is Near

I am is voting for John McCain. No not really. I like him a lot. Hes a stand up dude. He came in 5th place on my list ranking presidential hopefuls last April behind Al Gore, Hillary, Bill Richardson, and John Edwards, respectfully. Only problem, hes a Republican and I just can't force myself to yank the level in their direction. I made that comment to express my disdain for the Democratic Electorate. You guys are comparable to the people who have been voting for Jason Castro week after week on American Idol. Complete imbeciles. Lets vote for the guy because hes so handsome and has such a nice smile (read: Obama). But not the chick who has the lung capacity to get the job done (read: Hillary, oh, and Carly Smithson for that matter). My Fellow Democrats, as we watch Hillary Clinton's campaign come to a complete stop, I'd like to take this time to admonish you. You suck.

My friend ES who happens to be more obsessed with Hillary than I commented this morning that he'd rather move to Mexico than vote for McCain or Obama. I corrected him and said "Dude, didn't you get the memo. We don't threaten to move to Mexico. Only Canada. I'll meet you in Montreal in November." Doesn't everyone read Stuff White People Like? Cuz they hit the nail on the head.

Anyhoo, as always, I hate being the buzzkill, but I am a realist. And in my mind, last night was my last hope of seeing Hillary take the presidency. So lets sit back and see where this journey now takes us.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

David Archuleta Sucks Take 2

So I just wanted to say how funny I find it that I write a blog about my disdain for that little Mousketeer David Archuleta and I patiently wait until American Idol airs on the East Coast. Each week at approximately 9:05 EST my blog post begins to get comments agreeing that David is an overrated twerp. Hundreds of people every week are Googling David Archuleta Sucks and Susanne's Blog is one of the first hits. I have never been so proud.

D Train

Sorry to everyone who has bitched that I haven't been updating. A lot has been going on in my life lately and I barely find time to sleep, so blogging has been out of the question. I still hope to fill you in on my trip to Dallas over Pesach and Jury Duty, but first....

I came in a little early to work today. Tonight is opening day for my softball team the Bearcats and I need to leave early from work so I came in earlier than usual. I was fortunate enough to meet Zehavs for the first leg of my journey. Knowing that I dig her taste in music she gave me a listen to the Fine Frenzy, a group I totally plan to download when I get home tonight. We parted ways at 59th street and I got onto the D Train alone. I'm standing in the middle of the car for two stops. As the doors closed at Rockefeller Center a guy caught me eye. He's sitting there in a fricken facemask and gloves and was carrying a backpack which I noticed had big heavy duty locks on it. And not to rationalize, but he did have dark skin. And no, I'm not that racist guy or anything, but its something your brain takes into consideration when you are sitting next to a Unabomber wannabe. They say if you see something, say something. But I was like, no, I must be crazy. No one around me even notices the guy. Are New Yorkers so numb to the weirdness around them that THIS goes unnoticed? For goodness sake, its 75 degrees out today. There is no non-malicious reason to be wearing a skimask. I considered flagging down a cop at the next stop. But then I got all doubtful. What if he had some weird skin condition where he can't be exposed to light? Maybe he had some outrageous deformity? I don't know. I let him be. But not before getting off the train at the next stop. Even I'm not crazy enough to stay on with him all the way to 34th Street.