Friday, May 30, 2008

Bearcats 1-1

We won our game yesterday. It was like 16-7. I was on base 2 of 3 times. We played literally under the Queensborough bridge at York and 59th streets. If your hit connects with the bridge (about 300 feet above the field) it can be played by the fielders. If it drops its designated a foul ball. My team hit two balls off of the bridge. Seriously New York City Parks department, are there no other real fields on which we can play? I'm paying like $200 for this league and I risk being struck by rivets from an old bridge. Seriously?!

I made one awesome put out at first which I was really proud of. Our third baseman made a wild throw and I had to come off the base a few feet to stop it. Instead of hurrying back to the bag I instinctively threw my glove hand at the batter as he ran up the baseline toward first, tagging him out. The umps reaction when I came to bat in the next inning was, "Wow, looks like you've played this game before." The human body really is an amazing thing. When anyone has spent a significant amount of time doing any particular thing it can be done absolutley and completely without thinking. I find it so incredible. Not to say I'm like a pro or anything, cuz I'm not, but I have played this game for 23 years and some things just sink in in that amount of time.

Quote of the game: Overheard chick on the other team say, "Wow, I've only ever played this sport on my Wii." She hit 2-3 so I guess that game system really works.

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