Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thanks Mom

Today is the 37th day of the Omer. And it took this long for my mom to mail me the bra I left in Cali over Pesach. Thanks for being so on top of this Mom! Although, USPS Flat Rate boxes do have a good thing going for them. Since my bra doesn't quite fill a box the box, mom filled it with several Easter eggs. Most notably some new contact lens solution that just entered the marketplace and a copy of my Bat Mitzvah reception video. Get ready to see Susanne just months shy of her 13th birthday...and dealing with the worst bout of stomach flu in the history of man. But don't you worry, I made it through the Shabbat morning service and layning just fine. Ever see a black tie Bat Mitzvah reception (with a life size replica of Pop Tate's Choklit Shoppe!) where the lucky girl is completely missing from the festivities? Nows your chance! Viewings daily!!!

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Diana said...

You need to get this video on YouTube. STAT!