Tuesday, May 06, 2008

David Archuleta Sucks Take 2

So I just wanted to say how funny I find it that I write a blog about my disdain for that little Mousketeer David Archuleta and I patiently wait until American Idol airs on the East Coast. Each week at approximately 9:05 EST my blog post begins to get comments agreeing that David is an overrated twerp. Hundreds of people every week are Googling David Archuleta Sucks and Susanne's Blog is one of the first hits. I have never been so proud.


Anonymous said...

I have major hatred toward that little turd. I never thought it was truly possible to make every single song sound the same and every note so nasal.....but then I heard David Archuleta. They make such a big deal about this shit being young, but Jordin Sparks was younger than him and WAY better. I'm so over his "i am no surprised you dig me!" act. Remember Melinda Doolittle? Yeah people made fun of her for doing that, but everyone loves David for it. America gets more and more lame every year. The show needs to stop before it truly becomes a laughing stock

Anonymous said...

sorry..."so suprised you dig me!"

Chaim said...

I do not get the david archuleta thing, he really does stink. I think at this point if David Cook doesnt win is a fix.