Friday, March 13, 2009

Purim Shpiel Vids

My shul Mt Sinai in Washington Heights did a Digital Shorts competition to enhance their shpiel. Shpiel was good other than the little too pointed skit about tensions on the Mt Sinai board (that was cringeworthy) and the making fun of my shpiel last year. The stand out of the night was the video done by Dov Friedman, Aviel Tamir and Dudie Silberman. This was brilliant my young kiddush club lads. Check it out below.

I also submitted a vid myself since I heard that they didn't have many entires. I was just going to forget about it since I am so busy working on ParnasaFest and I was on vacation at the time, but I did it anyway. So I wrote a script, filmed, and uploaded it all in 2 hours. It was meant for a target group of people I knew who'd be at the shpiel that are in love with the shows Avenue Q and In the Heights as much as I am (I didn't think incorporating Spring Awakening would be appropriate in a shul setting). I didn't expect anyone else to get the jokes. Those that did loved it. Those that didn't didn't. I'm just happy they used my idea of opening the shpiel with an In the Heights rap. That was the bomb. Anyhoo, here's my vid.