Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Okay, I owe this one completely to Avi Z. He just called to ask to borrow my first season of Felicity. Don't know many dudes who watched the show, but hey, if hes manly enough to borrow it, props to him. You are the bomb Avi. Anyway, the reason Avi wanted to borrow my DVDs was that according to him, he wasn't able to watch the show on PeekVid. I just figured this was any other bittorrent site. But he informed me that you can watch movies, tv shows, and more without downloading them. They are all on pop up screens that you can watch online much like YouTube and Google Video. Long story short, it rules. I am watching the Borat movie right now and plan to cancel Showtime since the only show I subscribe for is on this site. Thanks Avi for saving me 8 bucks a month. You rule. Just wanted to share my good fortune with y'all. Take it easy.


ZKNY said...

Hey can I borrow Felicity too? I have seasons three and four (got them free from work) but I don't want to watch them until I watch the first 2. Have you ever seen Veronica Mars? Its my new obession. I have the first season DVD if you want to borrow.


Adrian said...

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