Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mount Sinai hosting Comedy Event

It may be early (I know, very un-Susannelike) but I want you to mark your calendars for an awesome event taking place at my shul, Mount Sinai Jewish Center, on Wednesday evening, February 14th. My buddy Margie saw this incredible comedian during her last trip to Eretz Yisroel and begged him to perform in our shul during his next US tour...and he agreed. David Kalimnick will be performing his hit one-man standup comedy show entitled: "The Aliyah Monolgues: Find Me a Wife". So bring your friends, bring your roommates, bring your mom, bring your rabbi, bring your Saw You At Sinai shidduch date, bring your fiance, bring your chavrusa, bring your SOY seforim sale purchases, bring your husband, hire a babysitter for your kid and come to the show. His show will be kosher (contrary to prior belief that if I'm promoting the event it must be racy), so everyone is welcome! As kosher as Bagel City challah at least. For more info visit the event posting on Bangitout. Margie also wants me to "open" for him. Not sure exactly what that means but apparently she thinks I'm funny or something. Hope to see you there!!!

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