Monday, March 31, 2008

Tonight I was robbed...

Tonight a few things happened that left me short of breath.

A) I have a new stalker. Sorry Diana. The competition is getting stiffer.

B) I finished Veronica Mars, and it was a huge let down. Heres a run down of the last 24 hours as I made my way through the final episodes of the series, collected from my Facebook Status Updates on the subject.

Sunday afternoon: Trying to get through a few more eps of Veronica Mars before leaving for the circus. Will season 3 ever get good? Only 2 discs left!

Monday, 5:00 PM: Running a temperature and counting the minutes until I can go home and finish Season 3 of Veronica Mars

Tonight I got home around 7:00 PM and immediately put in disc 6, the final disc in my Season 3 booklet, the final season of like the best ever series on television. The disc loads. I'm already itching for the final episode or two to begin. But alas, disc 6 was nothing but Extras! Not one episode on it! I didn't watch "The Bitch is Back" episode thinking, okay Susanne, prepare yourself for crying. The end of an era must be celebrated with tears. Tear of joy. Tears of sadness. But there must be tears. I'm such a wuss. I've spent months obsessed with this television show. I've added Veronica Mars to your list of heroes, right next to Mitch Hedberg and Hillary Clinton. And shes fictional!! The last ep (which I had to rewatch by the way because it was so damn unremarkable) was like, la dee dah, Veronica walks out of a voting booth. No mystery. No intrigue. The first two seasons had blockbuster finales. A murder was solved, another question was asked. If I'd know that was it for Ronnie I would have been like, WTF! Are you kidding me? Thats it?!! Instead I was like, that episode was boring. It ended and I thought, tomorrow I'll finish the series and it'll be awesome. Rob Thomas the creator never let me down before. No. That feeling of awesomeness was stolen from me. Now I'll need to start from scratch and emotionally prepare myself correctly for the moment when the show ends. First ep, VM cuts Wallace off the flag pole. Let the games begin. Zehava tells me I can't blame Rob. Its the nonexistent television audience that never watched the show that was blamed for its downfall. But dude, the least he could have done was ended with a real zinger. A rapist hiding in the voting booth? Lily Kane's ghost standing at the door of the polling station to comfort Veronica? Dick the dick shows up with roses and professes his undying love for Veronica? So many awesome options. Rob? Why'd you disappoint me so? Harumph! There was an easter egg on disc 6. I'll give him that. The proposal of season 4, if CW network had given them another season. It was pretty fun to watch. But at the same time, it was a total sell out. Rob made it into just another girl at the FBI show. Veronica looked like the blond chick from Cold Case in her blue pantsuit. I know he wanted season 4 to have a chance at survival by reinventing it as your typical detective show, but honestly, it sullied my memory a little bit. I really feel robbed of that warm fuzzy feeling I had when watching my other favorite shows come to an end. I remember watching the West Wing and Dawson's Creek finales, other shows I was emotionally involved in end. This was a disappointment. Ronnie, you let me down.


Anonymous said...

The problem is that Rob Thomas never knew if it was really the end or not so he couldn't plan accordingly. I don't remember the last episode so well, but I do remember it being quite heartbreaking (wasn't there some big strife between VM and her Dad?) Still, Ronnie at her worst is 10x better than 99% of the drek on the tube these days. Its amazing that one of the best shows ever made had no viewers, but to think of it, that is true of many of the best shows ever made. Ronnie, she's a treasure. Never forget her. :) And Rob Thomas is King, never forget that.

Diana said...

I am just going to have to up my efforts.