Thursday, April 03, 2008


There is an internet movement advocating today as "Good People Day". Gary Vaynerchuk wrote and recorded a video on his blog yesterday asking for people to spend one day, it should of course be everyday, but just spend one day putting out good vibes, talking about the good attributes in people. You go to a site like TMZ and a majority of the stories are about the troubles and travails of our favorite celebrities. Can you imagine the power of the media (and yes, I am including myself, a mere blogger, as an adjunct member of the media at large) if they only talk about the good things people do. Just for one day? I realize there are more stories posted about Britney's constant custody disputes than there are about Hayden Panettiere saving dolphins and the like, but seek out these Good stories and share them with the world. They are out there. Dig deeper!

And now to get all religious on you. In this week's Torah Portion, Tazria, Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald from the National Jewish Outreach Program (NJOP) says in his weekly message "According to rabbinic tradition, the "tzah'ra'aht" (leprosy) affliction is not a bodily disease, but a physical manifestation of a spiritual illness that results from "lashon hara," speaking evil about others. Its purpose is to show gossipers and defamers that they must mend their ways and cease their inappropriate speech." I wonder if Gary realized the connection of speaking good about others in this week's portion when choosing the date of his campaign. Whether or not, brilliantly done!

I encourage you to take the idea of GPD08 and make it a daily occurence in your life. And I'll do a better job of doing it in mine.

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