Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Parents' Celebrity Sighting

My parents flew in to New York last night from LA and the first thing they told me upon arrival was how many celebrities were sitting near them in First Class. Goldstones like to fly classy (Thank G-d for miles!). Next to them was Alec Baldwin sitting with one of his brothers. Unfortunately my mom is not a celebrity gossip extraordinaire and couldn't identify whether it was Billy, Stephen, or Daniel who accompanied Alec. Had it been Billy, I would have accidentally faked turbulence and fallen into his lap. "Whoops, sorry Billy, planes make me clumsy. Why don't you take off your shirt and let me apply seltzer to that wine spill I made." :D

Sitting in front of my parents was Marilyn Manson. My mom was shocked by his "scary eyes" and my dad was like, "How does that dude walk in 5 inch platform shoes?" At 6'3" and with 5" heels, I wonder how the heck he fit on the damn plane. Plus, he'd probably block the movie screen which would piss me off. If I can't watch "The Nanny Diaries" I swear I'll just scream! Why is it that I never see any cool celebs when I travel? The most famous person I ever sat next to in First Class was Dr. Bernard Lander, founder of Touro's Lander College. I even offered him some of my kosher meal since he forgot to order one. If I die with THAT being my claim to fame it will just be so sad.


weaselrina said...

They keep him on the plane to help short folk like me reach stuff in the overhead

SusQHB said...

Yeah, like the time my mom almost got us killed by Snoop Dogg's entourage for hassling him like that. And telling him he should tie his girlfriend's shoes. Mom, do not give Snopp Dogg mussar.