Monday, April 07, 2008

Look what I found

Guess who found their favorite ever alcoholic beverage at a Midtown Gristedes? Okay, maybe its my second favorite alcholic drink, but you can't just find an Adios Motherf*&#er on a grocery store shelf near you. Hornsby's is the drink I grew up on. When I was too much of a wuss in high school to drink Jack Daniels like the Soccer Bums, and turned off by the taste of Boone's Strawberry Hill after witnessing my friend Maggie puke up a bottle of it sophomore year, I turned to Hornsby's Hard Cider. Delish, goes down easy, and had a low alcohol percentage so I wouldn't get embarrassingly wasted (okay, not as often at least). Its like my Holy Grail. I search for it in every liquor store and supermarket I walk into. I was leaving a movie screening at Kip's Bay on Thursday night and walked by my old apartment in the Windsor building. And a lightbulb flashed over my head. Had I once seen Hornsby's tucked a way in a corner of the beverage aisle at the Gristedes there. I went to investigate and lo and behold. There is was. Grail has been unearthed. What should I turn my search towards now? World peace?

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