Thursday, July 31, 2008

Dear Anonymous

Dear guy who has way too much time on his hands,

You know who you are. You spend all day on my site driving up my sitemeter, thereby directing more traffic to my site and more ad money to my pocket. For that, I thank you. I originally just planned to ignore your ridiculousness, but instead think you deserve a thank you. Feel free to keep posting inappropriate comments to my various blog posts. Calling me whatever names you'd like. I really don't mind as long as my numbers keep going up. After all, you've figured out that I'm not posting them. I'm not even reading them. Everytime I get an email saying "Anonymous" has posted again, I laugh to myself. Its a shame that this wuss who won't even identify himself is hiding behind his sense of invisibility. Hiding behind the AOL account that he uses to connect to the internet. Why don't you spend your time more wisely. Throw the ball around with a buddy. Take someone on a date. Call up an old friend who you've lost touch with. Anything must be better than reading my blog. But while I still keep you busy, knock yourself out.


chaviva said...

Go Susanne! Go Susanne! It's yer birthday! Go Susanne!

You tell 'em!

Cookie Momster said...


Your anonymous must be a David Archuleta fan, that's probably why he/she is harassing you :)

I could use some more money myself, maybe you should send anonymous over to my blog too :)

SusQHB said...

You can have him! Yes, the big wuss prefers to spend his days calling me fat and listening to David Archuleta's new single, which I would have written up as an excellent song if it weren't for this douchebag. I've decided to turn off my anonymous comments though so he won't have an outlet for his pisstivity. He's probably out punching babies and tripping old ladies as we speak.

Lady-Light said...

Nice meeting you on the Blogger's Convention chat room!
Keep in touch (raise my stats too!)