Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Our Wedding Monogram

One of my bestest most talented buds put this together for us. I think its amazing. My only goal was to have all of our Hebrew initials incorporated somehow, and bonus points if I had to do some detective work to make out some of the letters. Can you find them all? Shin, Mem, Aleph, and Yud. And of course a Resh for Rosenhouse. :)


Rivster said...

So beautiful -- I love it!!! What a lovely make a Hebrew monogram. Wish I would have thought of it for us :)

Seth said...

Looks like the inEPHable talent of our mutual friend, who also designed our monogram.

SusQHB said...

Actually no Seth. Twas Reifer actually. Although, your monogram was an inspiration for this actually. I wanted something very modern where you have to search a little to find all the letters. Just like yours.