Thursday, September 11, 2008


It seems as though every other post I'm apologizing for not writing more. And here I go again. Sorry loyal readers. My life is hectic. Be patient.

So heres the story. I'm packing and throughout I've been throwing clothes in the laundry bag to be washed. Tonight was when I got through the four loads that needed to get done. I then proceeded to fold the laundry (this alone took all night, its now 2 am). When I finished I counted 43 freshly laundered pairs of underwear. This can be seen two ways depending on how you spin it. I'm not completely sure its natural to own that many. But I'm a sucker for buying undies in bulk. As many of you know, my favorite store is Costco and when I make a trip I usually pick up another package. If its a cute design, two packages. Thats one way to see it. I just have an undie fetish and own so many that I have to wash a ton whenever I do the laundry. The other is, How the hell long has it been since I've done laundry? Don't think about this too long. Might make you gag a little. Anyhoo, this is what happens when you can't sleep and decide to blog in the middle of the night. You write embarrassing things. Good night all.

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