Monday, September 29, 2008

Shana Tova Greetings from Susanne

Dear Friends, Fam, and Followers,
I wanted to write you this year to make sure you have wonderful Rosh Hashanah and a meaningful Yom Kippur. At this time, as we are beginning a new year, we must take time out of our busy schedules for a bit of introspection. With each new year we must grasp this clean slate and ask ourselves, what can we do this year to be a better friend, a better parent, a better spouse? Let's fill this year's slate with Torah, and Mitzvos, and most importantly Love. This is the Season of Love (those noticing the Rent reference, nice work). Let's commit ourselves to loving not only our friends, parents, and spouses, but Klal Yisroel as a whole. Only then can we actually see ourselves coming closer to the ultimate redemption, the coming of Moshiach. This year has been a busy one for me. This year I met Evan, my future Rabbi Hubby. For all of you who always insisted that I'd end up a Rebbitzen since our days at Darchei Binah, well, you won that bet. I've learned a lot from Evan. He is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. Always there to lend a helping hand to a friend. This makes me want to help others even more. Whether its helping them find somewhere for Shabbos, deal with the big issues, or my new hobby, finding them a shidduch (if you haven't yet, send me what you're looking for!). I just want to be a better person. I've tried hard not to push away my friends because of a relationship. I've lost many friends who have gotten so wrapped up in their relationships and weddings that I promised myself for years that I would not do the same. Hopefully I didn't sleight anyone since I've been so overwhelmingly busy this past year. With this in mind, I hope that you can somehow find it in yourself to forgive me for any of the transgressions that I have committed, whether I did them knowingly or unknowingly. I will of course do the same for you. May all of our relationships with our families, our friends, and our fellow man be stronger this year than ever before. I hope this coming year will be filled with nothing but Simchas for us to share together! I hope for a year of blessings and prosperity for us all. Gmar Chasima Tova!

PS If anyone's emails were left out, please know it was done unintentionally. Hopefully all of my loved ones will receive this message somehow through my Twitter page ( or my Facebook ( or my blog

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