Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wedding Music

We booked whats supposed to be the most excellent Jewy band in LA/Orange County for the wedding. I was just sent a website where you can view all the songs that the band can cover. First thing I noticed. Not nearly enough Tim McGraw tunage. Or any for that matter. I think more Orthos need to play Tim at their nuptials. I was just going through the wedding band's song list and....Oooh Beatles, lets see what songs are listed here.....OMG.....Do they really get requests for Eleanor Rigby from couples?! Isn't it about chick who died alone? Really?!! Some people seriously need to rethink what songs are really about. Yup pretty song. Not exactly appropriate sentiment though. Like I'd LOVE to walk down to the opening bit of a Rascal Flatts song. Its a beautiful string piece....but its a song called I'm Moving On. Again, not sure the right kind of appropriate for that moment.

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