Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Website of the day #1

I am inaguarating a new addition to my blog. Occassionally I come across a website that I find pretty funny or invigorating or educational and would like to share it with the world. Today I discovered This dude puts up descriptions of patents that are pretty ridiculous. For example the patent that led me to the site was for a cordless jump rope. Yes, you read that correctly. A jump rope without the rope. You jump up and down while holding on to the handles. Now come on, I can jump up and down without the handles too and get a nice sweat going. Hope the dude didn't spend too much money creating that prototype. Nebbach.


Leah said...

I was just looking at that site the other day. I think some people must be doing some serious drugs to come up with some of those things!

Li`l Miss said...

cordless jump-rope... at least you won't trip over it, and it's hard to get "out"!