Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mom's response

I'm home sick today in case anyone wants to bring me some chicken soup from KD for dinner. I'm really not doing good. Haven't felt this sick in a long time. Went to sleep with a sore throat and headache. Woke up with a sore throat and headache as well as the sniffles and some out of control sneezes. And then the coughing started. I think I'm dying.

In other news, I have 3 chicks coming to check out my apartment in 5 hours. The place is a mess with little bits of kleenex hanging out everywhere. No one is ever going to live here. I am going to have to my rent by myself which in case your wondering is more than I make each month. Like a lot more. Blame that on my love for non-profit work. Gratifying but Thank God I have a trust fund. Just kidding mom. I don't really have one. I like to joke.

In fact, I am so frugal with my money that my dad has told me in the past that I need to spend more money. Isn't he great? Usually in Daddy School (you know the place, its where they learn to avoid crying in front of the kids and how to give those stern talking to's) they learn to say just the opposite. "Do you have to go to the mall every week?", "Didn't you already buy a dress for your party?". My dad says, "Go out and treat yourself." He is a cool dude. I just think he hates my clothes. My dad read on my bro's MySpace page that my bro gets along with his parents "real well" as Alan puts it. Since Dad has told me this fact several times I just want him to know I dig him too. I like you too Mom, don't wanna leave you out. You know I'm a big fan! Mom just told me that she read my entire blog last night. This is what she does. She stays up all night on the computer until she falls asleep typing. So I asked her what she thought. She said, "Wow, I felt like I was reading The Diary of Susanne Goldstone". Don't worry Mom, no Nazis in this story. Baruch Hashem! Back to bed. Peace.


Anonymous said...

there was that softball Nazi...

SusQHB said...

Oh yeah, how could I forget? But the Softball Nazi was more in line with the Soup Nazi than the German bastards. So he doesn't really count. Way to pay attention while reading my blogs kids! I'm proud!