Monday, May 15, 2006

Heights Safety

Local Man Murdered in Mugging - News

On May 2nd an 81 year old man in the community was beaten in the elvator of one of the local apt buildings and subsequently died of his injuries. It was 11 am on a Tuesday. I had lunch with SP that day and she had already gotten a call from her mom in Montreal about the incident. The older gentleman Jacob Gerstle was beloved in the Washington Heights. He headed the Breuer's Chevra Kadisha a highly respected position in a Jewish community. The assailant was a 6'7" homeless dude who has been tied to similiar crimes last summer on people who ranged in age from 69 to 84 years old.

Broad daylight? Beating up on old men? William Hill was arrested Friday night and will be tried for murder. I mean, come on man, its an old man. He probably had 50 bucks in his wallet. You could have grabbed it and ran. An 81 year old isn't going to chase a 24 year old twice his size. You didn't have to beat him in the face with your brass knuckles. I hope this bastard gets fried. Or even better, becomes someone's bitch in prison. Everyone needs to be vigilant. Its not rude to let the door slam behind you when someone is following you into your building. If it turns out to be your neighbor, blame your iPod. Say you didn't see them. If you are in an elevator with a dude and are spooked don't look down and ignore him. Look him in the eye. Get a real good look at him. Let him know that you could identify him in a line up if he pulls something on you. Even better (and this also works when you are staring down a pitcher, I used the move yesterday at my softball game and hit a double), smile at him. Let's take back the streets Washington Heights!!! Wow, that was a dramatic ending. Peace.


Anonymous said...

I keep reading about how one should look someone in the eye to let them know that you can id them- but a professor of mine (crim law) who conducted a lot of interviews with people in prison said that most of them killed their victims simply because they had looked them in the eye and could id them. he suggested never looking someone in the eye who is robbing/attacking you. just wanted to offer another opinion.
- Sigalle

SusQHB said...

Good point Sig! I should clarify. I don't necessarily think its a good thing to look at them while they are in the process of harming you, I honestly never thought of it the way your prof mentioned. I more see it in the time period where the assailant could be sizing you up. But then again, if they are a Crazy, they won't give a crap anyhow.