Friday, May 05, 2006

My Right Foot (I could win an Oscar)

Flip Flops. No I'm not talking about what the Bush campaign accused John Kerry of doing. I'm talking about the kind you wear on your feet. Today is my first day wearing my black Old Navy flip flops. I will wear them all summer long starting today. Yay! Although, there is some bad news. When I was home for Passover I burnt my right foot. Yes, just my right foot. I thought I sunscreened up really good. Was sitting on the beach with my copy of the Da Vinci Code while my right foot unknowingly burnt to a crisp. When I got home I saw it was all red and was like, crap, I burnt my right foot. I hadn't thought about it again until today when I looked down at my feet to admire my flip flops and noticed that my right foot is 100 times tanner then my left. I look like freak. This sucks! Oh well. Peace.

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