Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Phone Update

I just spent an hour entering all of your phone numbers into my new phone. Well, kind of new. I had those shmegegs at Verizon switch my number into my mom's old phone. After last week's debacle where they charged me 200 bucks for the same phone I already owned and is now living happily at the bottom of the Mt Sinai sewer grate, I vowed to find another Verizon phone so I could switch it over and get my 200 bucks back. I sent my mom to her Verizon store in Cali where she sweet talked her way to a new phone and mailed me her old one. All I had to do was clean off the lipstick marks and it was good as new. When I finally got to the front of the line this rather effeminate man told me I'd have to pay 20 bucks to switch over the phone. They never mentioned a fee during our fight last week in the Verizon store so I was super pissed off and totally told the dude off. But he still couldn't waive it. When I handed over the credit card the dude wasn't looking so I said "Sir" and immediately was embarrassed because this dude was more feminine than me. Hell he was more feminine then Reece Witherspoon in Legally Blond. Hey if sir was good enough for Peppermint Patty it should have been good enough for him. Either he didn't hear or doesn't respond to people calling him sir but he finally looked up and took the card to refund the 200 bucks back on to my card. Funny thing is he never had me sign a receipt for the 20 buck change fee so he either forgot or was scared for his life after I freaked out about the fee. Who knows. Anyhoo, I'm out of here. Peace.

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me said...

You guys ever need to replace a verizon/sprint/gsm phone please contact me. I sell all kinds of phones for a fraction of what sprint etc will fleece you for. Also most bluetooth headsets I am happy to sell at cost which are a fraction of Retail. I am not trying to sell honestly :)

On the connection issue sprint/verizon will not charge to switch the phone so not sure where your friend at verizon got that there will be a $20 charge.

be happy!