Monday, May 01, 2006

World Series of Pop Culture

So yesterday my friends Sara R and Avi Z and myself went to a taping of the World Series of Pop Culture. I had tried out for the show last month with my new friends Judah and Elana and we did not pass the entry exams. You were graded as a team so everyone had to do well. All I know is, I'm not the one that blew it. I kicked ass on that test. So I needed to attend the taping to prove to myself that I was better than all the contestants that made the show. The answer was an overwhelming yes. Yes, I am the Queen of Pop Culture. Useless Knowledge is my middle name. Other than the categories that are admittedly my weak points (shall we say, any music category that doesn't have to do with Country) I aced almost all the other questions. Even categories that I didn't think I'd excel in, like Seinfeld, I got all but one correct. The contestant didn't even know the name of the restaurant that is featured in every single episode (it's Monk's by the way). The to top it all off, the team we really really liked, the Boeghy Bunch from LA (Jim! He is The MAN!!!) made it to the finals with this totally annoying and inept team from Atlanta. Jim was the LA team's strongest player by FAR and he was knocked out in the second round because of a music category that was about song lyrics. All of the questions that the other team was given were soooo easy ("It's like 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife" Shit my mom, even knows that one.) where Jim's questions were like "He hung himself with a guitar string. A slab of turkey-neck and it’s hangin’ from a pigeon wing" How the hell did he know that one!! It's from Loser by Beck. Like I said, Jim is the MAN! But he still didn't win the best of 10 and was knocked out of the game. With only one contestant left on the Boeghy Bunch, Jason Boegh himself stepped up to the mike as did frilly blond from Atlanta. I don't even remember their question because I was so pissed Jim wasn't in the game anymore. Jim (a Vince Vaugh impersonator if you ask me) proposed to his girlfriend and teammate Amanda the evening before atop the Empire State Building. Now that's classy. That only made him more awesome in my book. He probably quoted to her every single movie with scenes atop the Empire State Building (An Affair to Remember, Sleepless in Seattle, King Kong, etc etc). Needless to say, without Jim the Boeghy Bunch lost to the annoying Atlanta team and lost the $250,000 prize made possible by Altel Wireless, or something like that. Towards the end of the taping I developed a searing headache and asked a chick behind me for some headache pills. She gave me one Ibpropren. Who on earth only takes one of these things? A beggar can't be a chooser so I popped the pill and shut up. Afterward we stopped at Duane Reade to buy more headache pills. Even with a blinding headache I still fought with the cashier and then the manager that the wrong price was rung up on the register. Hell, I picked out the one on sale on purpose. Wasn't going to get ripped off. Then we headed to Estihana to get some dinner since our 3 hour taping turned into 5 and we were beyond starved. I realized it was getting late to daven mincha so I quickly davened in the doorway of the restaurant (or as quickly as I can daven with an all Hebrew Mincha/Maariv prayerbook.) Afterwards my headache turned into a full scale nausea attack. I almost puked in my Paradise Chicken. The last time I felt like this, aside from being hungover of course, was when we had that huge Israel rally in my senior year of college where like a million yids marched on Washington. It was 100% humidity and then when we got back on the bus we realized our A/C was broken. And then the bus broke down. So we spent 8 hours in the oven of a bus and like 80% of us had headaches, and fevers, and were puking all night long. Needless to say, I didn't make it to my 10 am class on Monday morning. Not that I ever did though. :) Anyway, that was my Sunday. Thank goodness I feel better today because I've got my first softball game with my new team tonight and I'm super fired up. Will let you know how it goes. Peace!


Anonymous said...

Wow - all I can say is you can give a blow by blow of taking some aspirin like no one I've ever seen.

As for the World Series of Pop Culture, as savvy as Jim was (and he was), it takes a whole team to win and they just didn't have one. It was up to Jim to come from behind as the only man standing on his team twice, and this last time he just couldn't do it. The "totally inept" team from Atlanta was the most well-rounded team (each member get credit for carrying their team into the next level of play throughout the competition), where your man Jim had to pull it out from his short ones every single game they played.

No sour grapes, tootsie! The Chupacabras rule!

Anonymous said...

I think this was from one of the Atlanta folks.

SusQHB said...

You think?! I'm fighting now with people on the VH1 message board after alluding to the fact that if they really want to know the winner they could visit this blog. They got pissed off. Who knew? Some people really do like suspense.