Thursday, May 04, 2006

Summer in New York

It's that time again. Today its supposed to be 75 degrees. Summer weather in New York are unbearable. Seriously, hot in California is tolerable. Here its almost hard to breathe. The humidity makes you feel like you're sitting in a sauna all day long. I was on the subway this morning and started to shvitz like crazy. Sweated off my makeup in a matter of seconds. I need to start carrying one of those electric fans from the 99 cent store. You know, the ones that include the 2 AA batteries in the purchase. Quite the deal if you ask me. When I use it on the subway everyone looks at me like I'm nuts. But you know what, at least I'm cool. They can kiss my butt. But on the upside NY becomes a totally different place. Hundreds of people will congregate in Bryant Park which is situated behind the NY Library (thats where Jake Gyllenhaal stayed in Day After Tomorrow until his dad Dennis Quaid came to save him). I'm going to sit in the park at lunch today and work on my tan with a few hundred other New Yorkers. Bryant Park has become an awesome awesome place. They are the only public park in the city that sold it's soul to sponsors. I dig that about it. HBO hosts its Movie in the Park during the summer where they show classic movies under the stars. Last year we saw The Way We Were. I still don't know how Barbra Streisand scored Robert Redford. That was just bizarre. K-Lite FM (or one of those easy listening stations) hosts Broadway in the Park. Almost all the current hit musicals on Broadway do a performance sometime in the summer during lunchtime (Wicked is always the best, of course). Also, Good Morning America does their Summer Concert Series in the park. I plan to be front row center when the Dixie Chicks will be there on May 26! 4 Weeks baby! And then my boy Kenny Chesney will be there two weeks later. I am sooo fired up. Anyhoo, thats summer in New York. Come visit. Peace.

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