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Monday, May 22, 2006

In 12 hours...

12 hours from right now I'll iy"H be entering Jazz at Lincoln Center. Its not exactly Lincoln Center. More like 6 blocks shy and located near the top of the Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle. The view is exquisite. Like nothing I've seen in New York. I found it more beautiful than the top of the Empire State building. There are panaramic views of Central Park and the surrounding area. Not only that but I will be attending an intimate concert with my favorite musical group ever. According to my big brother Alan at my 3rd birthday, that group would be the Go-Gos. But no longer. I am going to be face to face with the Dixie Chicks! And I thought today was a great day...

Today went really well. I finally took care of some things I've been meaning to deal with for a while, so that was a huge weight lifted from my shoulders. Then as stated in my previous post, I was able to score tickets to an incredible concert with the man who first made me appreciate country music. I also emailed XM Satellite Radio who posted a blurb last week about a concert Tuesday afternoon in midtown Manhattan with 40 spots available for the first people email ticket requests. I never heard from them so I wanted a response. When I got home I made myself a big bowl of Honeycombs, the dinner of champions. Just as I was finishing my cell rang and caller ID showed a 202 area code. Who the hell was calling from DC I wondered. I answered and a woman said, "Hi Susanne, this is Jayme from XM Satellite Radio". I lost feeling in my legs. Thank goodness I was seated. She went on to tell me I had originally been wait listed for tomorrow's concert and thats why I wasn't contacted earlier. But because of cancellations I made the cut. I totally tried not to lose it but I think she totally heard my voice crack. But I did my best to play it cool. You'd be proud.

I am going to be in a room with 3 women that I totally unabashingly respect. They've gotten a lot of crap for what they now call the "Incident". On tour in London the lead singer Natalie Maines commented to the tens of thousands of attendees that they're "ashamed that the President is from Texas". Hell, I'm ashamed he's from the US but what can you do? This was on March 10, 2003. Ten days before the US invaded Iraq. These three women stated something that millions of Americans agree whole heartedly with. Yet they were chastised, their CD's were broken and set on fire bringing to memory images of the book burnings of years ago. Their hot single "Traveling Soldier" about a soldier killed in Vietnam fell off of the charts. How apropos, right? Today the President's approval ratings are in the 30 percentile. Or to translate, around 60-70% of all Americans basically feel the same as these three young mothers. They are also disappointed with the President. Myself included. The problem is, not all Americans are standing in front of a big microphone. Thank God we live in America. Home of the Free. Where everyone is blessed with the right to say and think anything they wish. Oh wait. Is that not true anymore? These women stood up and spoke their minds and were crapped on by tons of Americans. This doesn't change the fact that they are amongst the most incredible musicians I've ever heard or seen in concert. They could start going all kooky like Tom Cruise and I'd still buy their albums. And you know what, I think I just might mention it to them tomorrow in person. I am truly blessed. This was my best day in a long time. And tomorrow is going to kick its ass.


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