Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I love softball!

So last night was my first softball game of the year with my new co-ed team the Bearcats. We are so named because the founding members attended SUNY Binghamton whose mascot is of course the Bearcat. It seems like an odd trans-species creation, but who am I to judge. My college basketball team was called the Lady Maccabbees for goodness sake. If my understanding of the history of the Chanukah story serves me, there was no such thing as a Lady Maccabbee. Chicks probably didn't fight in Judah Maccabbee's army. But anyhoo, our game last night was on Roosevelt Island off the east side of Manhattan. Its gorgeous there. Looks like a big college campus with incredible views of the city and the Costco in Queens. The team is really nice. No one is a hardass or anything. Everyone seemed to have a fair temper and pretty good skills. And the best part is, we are all religious Jews! I think we should change from the Bearcats to the God Squad or Jew Crew or Yidden or something else of that nature. Theres like 6 people on the team from my hood in Washington Heights and the rest mostly live on the Upper West Side. This was great because we all were able to get lifts at least into the city to catch a train uptown. This saved us the hefty return commute. Considering we had never played together before and a majority of us haven't thrown a ball in a year or more, we did pretty damn good. We did lose the game but the score was 10-14. I didn't know Jewish boys knew how to hit. Our offense was pretty good. I don't think we have big holes there. Our defense was sloppy, but thats something we can clean up with a little bit of practice. Being on a co-ed team, three women must be on the field at all times which I love because I never have to sit out an inning. Yay! I played a couple innings in the outfield but soon moved to my best position at first base where I had a bunch of put outs. But my batting was what I was proudest of. Especially considering I haven't hit in forever! The coach dude Avi had me batting clean up (heehee) and I didn't let them down. I had 3 hits for 3 at-bats and had 5 RBIs and 2 runs scored. I felt like I was back in my junior year of high school when I was First Team All-League. Only because they needed to choose someone from every team and my team was shit but my batting average was .450! I am a rockstar! Anyway, can't wait for our next game. This is a really great group and I'm looking forward to some more good times!

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