Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Kids are Cute

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I don't know. Maybe its the hormones talking. But today I've decided kids are cute. Above you see a little girl who I mentioned in a previous post, "I run for life...". They were walking in front of me at Race for the Cure last month and I just thought it was the cutest most touching thing.

Today on the way from my subway after work to my apartment I overheard a conversation between a little blond girl and her little blond mom. The little girl was riding her little pink bike (with training wheels! added cuteness!) and matching helmet. She said to her mom matter of factly, "You know when I feel cold?" Her mom asked "When?" So then the little girl gave a long analysis about how when its snowing and you're sitting in the snow and then you play with the snow and some snow sneaks into your gloves and gets all up in the arms of your jacket. Part of the cuteness stemmed from the fact that she was little and had a little bike with little training wheels, but mostly from the fact that its still 76 degrees outside....and this kid's talking about snow.

Then I turned the next corner and saw a father and young son crossing the street. I heard them in the midst of a very important sounding conversation so I slowed to let them walk ahead of me so I could listen and giggle to my heart's delight. The little boy asked his dad, "Do sharp leaves ever fall off the trees?" and the dad said, "Sure, those are called pine needles and they fall just like other leaves." And the boy said, "Why do leaves fall?" So the dad started a whole expanation about trees getting older and sleeping and some other stuff. The boy asked, "Why do they sleep?" Everything the dad said the boy interjected with a why? I think the dad was pulling answers from his butt but he did a sufficient job. The last thing I heard said was comparing tree bark to the kid's skin. Yeah, that'll keep him up all night. Good one dad.

Anyway, my conclusion from this evening's adventures is this: I must carry around a voice recorder like all those famous reporters. Some of the things I hear, if I don't get them on tape, no one will believe me. So cute!

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