Saturday, October 28, 2006

Thank You NBC!

You guys are last place in the ratings, okay, higher than the CW but thats like a fake network, but I just wanted to thank you for providing my Dixie Chicks with all this FREE publicity. NBC declined to run ads for the Dixie Chicks brand new documentary Shut Up and Sing. In doing so it has gotten the doc more attention than any 30 second spot could ever have provided. All the bloggers out there have been up in arms about the movie. Of course none of them have actually seen it yet but are still basing their rants about the "incident" of three years ago when the lead singer said she is ashamed the President is from Texas. Since then they have practicallly been "blacklisted" from country radio and bad mouthed by everyone with an unclear interpretation of the first amendment. This week, according to the Washington Post 60% of people surveyed disapprove of the job our President is doing for our country. Love them or hate them, go see the documentary. Hear what they have to say. 60% of the country agrees with them so I don't think they are so outlandish. I don't think these 3 mothers (with 7 kids between them) deserve to get death threats for the things I say every day. I hear people all the time saying how much they hate Hillary Clinton. Shes a United States Senator. Certainly an honorable position. Why the double standard? When I hear people bad mouthing her, do I write them a letter saying shut up or I'll kill you? Hell no! They have as much of a right to say that as I have to criticize any of our elected leaders. If you choose to live in our glorious free country you're going to have to accept what freedom truly means. If nothing else, I admire the Chicks for that. Thank you!

P.S. My cellphone dried out and seems to be in working order. Whatever you do, do not drop yours into the toilet. It is not fun to deal with. Also, advice from my buddy JG, avoid dropping your yarmalke in the toilet. He says that sucks too.

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Josh said...

Yeah, the wet Yarmulke dripping down your back...I'd rather just say goodbye to my cellphone.