Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Seriously?! Get a fricken job.

Yesterday I had the day off of work. Since I haven't had a real weekend day to myself for the past month or so due to the Jewish holidays I needed to squeeze in some seriously movie theater time. There about 5 or 6 movies out currently that I'd been wanting to see so I thought Monday would be a good chance to knock 2 or 3 of them off of my list. After all, Monday afternoon...no ones going to be at the movie theater right? Think again. Apparently everyone who is currently out of work and I assume is using my tax dollars (yes, I am a tax payer now) from their welfare check to pay the $10.75 my local theater charges per ticket was at the movies on Monday afternoon for the 1:35 showing of Little Miss Sunshine, which was moderately full. Hell, I can't even afford the ticket, I had to use a coupon from my Entertainment Book. But the real shocker was when I ducked into my second movie of the day The Departed. It was 3:30 in the afternoon. Thats usually about the time of day Tamar and I are on a sugar and caffeine high and begin our daily exibition game of Catch the Cocoa Puff in your Mouth from Across the Room. Little did I know, that the rest of New York spends their 3:30s at the AMC on 42nd Street. I swear, the biggest screen in the theater which isn't always sold out on a Friday night, was packed. I couldn't even put my feet up on the seat in front of me cause someone was sitting in it. What the hell?! I snuck in my bag of microwave popcorn, the homeless dude in front of me (and for real, some dude came in with a homeless person shopping cart) was eating out of an $8 jumbo bucket. I was drinking my Diet Mountain Dew out of a bottle from my bag, the Yeshiva boy next to me who was skipping school was drinking out of a giant Icee cup. Who are these people? Why don't they have jobs? What I would do to sit and watch movies all day long. Mr. Moviefone is my hero. I can't wait for my vacation. Western Carribean....here I come.


S said...

nice. I want an Icee. but Yeshivas would've had off on Monday. Isru Chag.

SusQHB said...

Dude, I knew I was missing out by attending public school. Oh wait a second, I was nominated for prom queen, I didn't miss out on anything. Poor S.

S said...

dammit. my bais yaakov education fails me again!