Monday, October 09, 2006

Shidduch for non-Jew

Theres an understanding in Judaism that if you act as a shadchan (matchmaker) for 3 married couples, you get a first class ticket into Heaven, no strings attached. So an old friend just found me last week on MySpace. I almost deleted the email she sent but at the last second kind of found her picture a little bit familiar. Turns out shes a friend of mine since sixth grade, now happily married and living in North Carolina with another fellow I knew growing up. He was best friends with my first boyfriend so I remember a lot of times with us just hanging out. Anyhoo, she wrote back after my initial "waaassssssuppppp" email, that she had actually first met her husband at my Bat Mitzvah in 1992. She also claimed they had their first kiss at the reception. I'm glad someone got some action. I had the stomach flu so I skipped the 20 grand reception and spent the evening with my head in the toilet of my hotel suite. So...If I set up a non-Jew, does it get counted in the grand scheme of things? Am I now 2 away from entering heaven with my get out of jail free card? That would sure be cool. I'll have to kick my matchmakering attempts up a level. Hey ladies...I know some nice boys. Call me.


Lady in Waiting said...

What's your number ;) ?

lakewoodchick said...

I just came across your blog I aslo do shidduchim keep on trying you never know what will get you into heaven