Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It ain't for real til its on Shmais

It ain't over til the fat lady sings, and for me, the Jewish gossip mill is just gossip until it appears on Shmais. Shmais is what I see as a Chabad gossip site. Not using the word gossip in a bad way, but in the sense that it "Keeps Lubavitchers Informed" as they say. I stay abreast of Chabad going ons and news from across the Judaic spectrum. How else would I find out if my Chabad friends have gotten engaged/had a baby/gone on shluchas?

I heard earlier this week (from blog competitor Lans) that Duncan Hines, after massive pressure, has decided to revert back to having their cake mixes be kosher pareve. Pareve food can be eaten with either a meat or a dairy meal. When word first circulated last year that DH was to add milk to their recipe to in their words "enhance the quality of the product", I said phooeeyy. Well not right away...only after I saw a post about it on Shmais. They would lose a huge market of kosher households (a multi-multi-million dollar market today) who depended on their product, not to mention those crazy lactose intolerant Americans. Frankly, I see those two groups as being synonomous, but thats just me. Literally, I'm a kosher household and an extreme Lactard. I personally must have submitted a hundred angry emails to the Pinnacle Foods (owner of Duncan Hines) customer service department. Thank goodness the company has seen the light and brought back their old recipe. Thank goodness we can go back to our quick and easy dessert options of years past. Thank goodness I bought out the entire last shipment of pareve cake mixes from the Fairway on 76th and Broadway, which by the way are still piled up in my pantry. Oh wait, strike the last one. Crap, thats annoying. Read on:

COMING SOON: THE RETURN OF DUNCAN HINES PAREVE CAKE MIXES has learned that the Duncan Hines company has reversed a decision made in 2005 that made their cakes mixes dairy and very soon OU Pareve Duncan Hines cake mixes will be back on store shelves nationwide.
Pareve production began in September and Duncan Hines has begun shipping product to stores. It should be in most locations by November and December, the company says. Consumers are urged to make sure the product does in fact have an OU Pareve on the box before purchasing as it might take longer for some stores to get in the new shipment.

Duncan Hines offers a wide variety of the pareve cake mixes, more than any other brand. Twelve of 18 Moist Deluxe flavors, representing more than 80 percent of sales, are being returned to pareve. These are: Moist Deluxe Classic Yellow, the best selling cake mix in the country, Devil's Food, Lemon Supreme, Butter Recipe Golden, Swiss Chocolate, Spice, Fudge Marble, Pineapple Supreme, Butter Recipe Fudge, German Chocolate, Red Velvet and Dark Chocolate Fudge.

Chabad Houses and Kosher consumers across the country that stocked up on the pareve mixes before they turned dairy can now rest assured that when their current stash runs out there will be replacments available.
(NEWS TIP: Zalman Goldstein)

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