Monday, September 11, 2006

I run for life...

Yesterday morning I participated in the Komen Race for the Cure 5K with 20,000+ New Yorkers and people who traveled to this great city for the event. I am proud to say that my friends helped me raise $403 for the worthy cause. I know what you are thinking...damn I can't believe Susanne didn't raise her fundraising goal of $450...If I had only donated that $2 in change I got back from the cashier at Taco Bell. Don't worry...Its not too late. You can visit my site by clicking here. The race was incredible. All participants were given a shirt to wear as they raced. The breast cancer survivors were wearing bright pink shirts as opposed to our white ones. I've been really emotional lately but I can't even describe for you the raw emotions my friends and I felt watching these women, some of them still sporting bald heads, walking with their husbands, children, and friends. Others wrote on bibs signifying who it was they were walking in honor of. Some wrote "In Celebration of" so and so while others wrote "In Memory of". It wasn't unusual to see families walking together. I saw 5 people walking side by side, each one had a different thing written. "In Memory of my Wife", "In Memory of my Mom", "In Memory of my Grandma", "In Memory of my Sister", "In Memory of my Friend". They each had the same name written on it. One little girl held on to her grandma's right hand and the girl had written on her back "In Celebration of My Grandma" with an arrow pointng toward her left. Yup, I lost it, but not until I chased after them to get a picture. It was so touching. As I mentioned on my site, my immediate family and I have, Thank God, never been touched by cancer, but we do have friends who are battling cancer today as well as friends who have lost their fight. I did this for them. In their honor. May my mitzvah be a merit toward their well-being and spirit. Anyway, it was a very meaningful experience for me. I hope you all will join me next year! Lets run for life!

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