Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Celebrity Sighting #1

Sure I've seen famous people before. But I decided to list them for my loyal blog reader. Reader singular was a typo but I decided to keep it since I am still convinced that there is only one.

Loews Lincoln Center, last night. Premiere for School for Scoundrels. I was leaving my audition for Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Netflix Movie Edition (which sucked by the way, thanks for asking) at the ABC studios on 66th street.

The had the camera bulbs flashing for the premiere. We saw Billy Bob Thornton who happens to be a pretty little guy. No clue what Angelina saw in him. Oy. Also, Jon Heder was there and I so wanted to scream "Hey Napolean" but EST and JP told me that would be uncool. So instead I screamed "I love Mormons!". Not sure he appreciated that either, but I really do love Mormons.


Lans said...

i know that I read your blog and Mel Gibbson so thats two!

Lish the Fish said...

Plus me - see more than one reader!!

mel gibson said...

Its Gibson. You must be a Jew. Not used to names that arent Goldstein or Goldman huh?. Go figure all your names have gold in them. Oh wait I keep on forgetting that I have to like you people now. Uh Moses rules and happy rusha homa!