Friday, September 08, 2006

Subway Stories

On my way in to work the other day I was sitting next to these two young guys. They were both high school age and wearing pants that fell around their thighs instead of their waists. One guy was lamenting that his computer science teacher gave them homework on the first day of school. So he pulled out his assignment to complete while on the train. He read the questions aloud to his friend to show how stupid the assignment was. Do you own a computer? If so, what kind, laptop or PC? If a laptop, what brand? Do you own a cell phone? Do you own any other electronics in your home? Finally the young man said matter of factly, "Damn its a good thing the teacher doesn't ask for my address...I'd think he was casing the joint!" I laughed so hard that I almost fell from the seat next to them. Oy. Is this really how young people think these days? Sad.

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