Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My almost fistfight at Verizon Wireless

Sometimes I think I have anger management problems (see post for reference). But then I realize thats not the case. Everyone around me is just really really stupid.

Take this for an example. Last week I went to pick up my new phone at Verizon Wireless. Now I take my ability to get a new phone seriously. I knew the date was coming up so in early August I called their customer service to check which day I was eligible. They said August 22nd. So I had my whole day planned out. I was going to take a late lunch because if you show up at the store at 2 pm the lunchtime rush customers are clearing out and its just before the folks who think they are outsmarting the lunch rush crowd stroll in at 3. between 2 and 2:15 the store is empty. So I stroll in pick out my new phone and rush to the empty Phone Pick-Up line. I hand the girl behind the counter my order and she tells me that because this particular phone line was started by my parents when I was in college the main person on the account has to approve my new phone and contract agreement. I of course ask to speak to the manager since I've signed my own contracts in this store for the last 5 years. He declines. So I irrately get my mom on the phone since she is the business person in the family who handles all the fam's bills and overall annoying things like this. I'm getting pissed, I'm on my lunch hour so sitting around their damn store with a bunch of stupid people drove me nuts. I tell her to call Verizon and add my name to the decision makers list. The girl behind the counter says it shouldn't take more then 10 minutes. She calls them up and they inform her that she is not on the decision makers list either. they tell her my mom needs to be added to the list as well. They ask to speak to Dr. Harvey who's name is on the official contract. So my mom begins to get pissed and explains my father never dealt with the bill or contracts on these phones. Hell, I'm proud of him for knowing how to dial out on his cell phone. But they insist on speaking with him and my mom gives them his phone number at work.

My dad is a doctor and had to step out in the middle of an exam to answer the idiot from customer service. So she says to him (probably with drool dripping down her stupid chin) "Dr. Goldstein?" Yeah, okay, this is Verizon's crack team of contractual enforcers. They can't even read the damn name on the contract. "He says, no this is Dr. Goldstone". According to my mom she decided she reached the wrong person at this point because it wasn't the Dr. Goldstein she was calling for. She hung up apparently. This is the point where I started pacing around the store and giving dirty looks to everyone.

So at this point my whole family is enraged with Verizon Wireless to the point of discussion of pulling our entire family contract from their company, which altogether we are probably paying quite a few hundred dollars a month, and taking it to another company. Word to the wise Verizon. Stop pissing off your customers. You want proof that I am who I am, don't have a retard high school dropout call my dad in the middle of a busy workday for verification. The fact that my drivers license has the same address as the billing zip code should have been sufficient evidence that I am the same Susanne Goldstone who owns this phone. So an hour later (not 10 minutes like Satan Lady behind the counter guestimated) we finally got verification my my phone was brought out. Good news is, I must have created such a ruckus that the babe forgot to charge me for switching over my contacts list. Score! Anyone got T-Mobile's number?

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Lans said...

you dont want T-mobil trust me. Next time call up customer service and tell them you are in the store and want to change providers to canacell your contracts and oyu wont be paying a fee becuase they are idiots and other choice words I will not type... works everytime for us.