Thursday, August 31, 2006

Nebbach on Tara Reid

Oh Tara. We remember you as the soft-spoken coed Vicky responsible for deflowering one of the title characters in American Pie. Or then there was your role as the inquisitive reporter for your college paper in Van Wilder. Those were your best roles ever. Since then I assume she fired her agent and started making her own management decisions. Thats when she took on hosting roles on the horrendous shows "Wild On..." and "Taradise." Oy gevalt. Well, her world came crashing down again this week when someone caught on tape the unfortunate actress as she tried to score a VIP entrance into a hot Hollywood club. Not only were paparazzis snapping her picture when she walked up to the bouncer but she was flanked by an entourage, a mucho importante celeb accessory. And then it happened. She was denied. BIG time. Nebbach. Caught on tape. And not neccesarily the Rick Salomon caught on tape experience. No no, this version was of the negative publicity variety. Speaking of director extrardinaire Rick Salomon, while Tara is shown being berated by the skinny white gay bouncer, who comes strolling through the VIP line and into the club? Well, no other than fellow party girl Paris Hilton, star of Rick's last movie. Theres even a shot of her leering at Tara as she slips right past the red velvet rope. This video is devastating. I really feel for Tara. Okay, she did get to play an Archie comics character in one movie and she did kiss megastud Ryan Reynolds in another. And all I ever did was a commercial at 12 and Family Feud at 21. Hmmm, nope I still feel sorry for the girl. Check out the video and tell me what you think.


ZK said...

Susanne, you were on Family Feud???? I had no idea. I can't believe we have never discussed this. That's crazy. Did your team win? Did you get to do Fast Money? (In case you couldn't tell I'm a FF junkie.)

Shabbat Shalom,

SusQHB said...

We will have a Family Feud viewing some time next week. All my loyal fans are welcome to join us. I will enlighten you all with anecdotes about the taping as we watch the show.