Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rabbi Susanne saves the day!

Once again, our Heroine Susanne's fake Rabbinic skills and justifications come to the rescue as seen in the Gmail Chat conversation with my bud ES the JD. Oh yeah, ES that is your new name. Good times.

ES JD: forgot to daven... should I do shacharit now or wait for mincha? bc its rosh chodesh?

me: shacharis
i figure ill wake up on shab at 11 and daven

ES JD: k

me: rabbi susanne to the rescue!

Some of you may claim, "what she didn't even consult a calendar to check what time chatzot is?!" But come on people, I spent last Shabbos in Crown Heights. Lubavs are notorious for davening late but when I got to my Shabbos lunch (which was called for 2:30 PM btw since 770 davening begins at like 10:30 am) someone showed up at 3 pm who claimed to have just woken up and I am convinced pulled out a siddur and began to daven Shacharis. Chodesh Tov everyone!

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