Monday, July 31, 2006

Hot or cold?

Its one of those unanswerable questions that can land you in the looney bin if you ponder it too long. Being a kid who grew up on sunny Huntington Beach, CA, which has a yearly median temperature somewhere around 74 degrees, I never had to think about it. That was until my family began to make our (at least) biyearly pilgrimages to Sin City, Las Vegas, NV. You go in June and you will encounter temps of 110+ degrees. This is hot but Las Vegans counter that its "Dry Heat" so its not so bad. Basically its fricken hotter than hell, but you don't feel like you are swimming down the street like I've been doing the past couple weeks in NYC. Hot with no humidity= Dry heat. You decide that there is nothing worse in life than being hot and would do anything for it to be freezing instead.

That is, until you visit Las Vegas in January. You're going to the desert. Deserts generally are known for their extreme temperatures. I always figured extreme temperatures meant really hot. Little did I know that it really means that while its 100+ degrees in the summer, their winters are bitter cold. You could be outdoors on a January evening wearing your windbreaker, cause hell, you're in the desert afterall and who brings a heavy coat to the desert, and you're freezing your ass off in 40 degree weather. 40 degrees isn't cold you're saying. It is when you only packed SHORTS! Its nights like this that you are praying for the beautiful warmth of the "dry heat"

Basically when you are cold you wish it were hot and vice versa. I was thinking about this this evening as I ran my cold shower. I know what you're thinking. Sicko. Cold showers generally have, um, kind of, inappropriate connotations. Like in the movies when a guy is feeling, um, overly frisky, someone will tell him to take a cold shower. Now I remember coming home on some of the bitter cold days in the winter and jumping in a piping hot shower to unfreeze my poor frostbitten toes and thinking, man, there is nothing better than a hot shower on a cold day. That was until I got home tonight dripping sweat, and admittedly, smelling to high heaven, and I couldn't even think straight until I jumped into a cold shower. This was cold to the point of actually hurting. It was delightful. I didn't want to get out. But then I got the idea to write this blog and it forced me to exit. My toes are still a little bit pruny. Anyway, hope y'all are dealing okay with the heat. Its unbearable I know, but lets all power through it! Peace!


Arona said...

I was thinking about how there's nothing better on a hot shvitzy day than a freezing cold shower. What were you thinking?!?

Dale said...

Plaster. That was your word. Now although I work with plaster, that's the noun, and you are speaking of the verb here. If they are related, then I just don't get it Susanne...why would people want to read about your shower this morning? Michal told me to check this out, but you're going to have to do much better than this to plaster (your word) a smile on my face. I'll be back, but I won't tell you when, and I want that plaster you promised!

dale again said...

OK...after scrolling down a bit, I found some funny stuff about you not being able to write the letter "n" and also being a Kung Foo master. A question about the word verification thing though...if someone needs to have the letters sounded out because they are "handicapped" in some way, how are they enjoying your blog? If you dealt with more of these Seinfeldian types of issues in your blog, perhaps your plaster could be even better.