Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Cast is off!

The doctor told me today that I no longer need to wear my AirCast for my broken foot. He poked and pushed and decided that it is healing well and I can just wear tennis shoes. I then asked him, um, Doc, is it normal to have that bone sticking out of my foot there, since like it didn't look like that before the accident? He convinced me its totally normal. He probably got his medical degree in Guatemala. No offense to my Guatemalans readers, but I think hes on crack.

Here's the problem. Sure, it doesn't really hurt anymore. The only time I am nervous about it hurting is when I'm on the subway and the car is jerking around on the track and NYC shmucks don't get up to give a person in a cast a seat. Occassionally I get up the courage to ask someone for their seat and usually the 3 people in the vicinity of where I asked stare down each other until one of them finally shrugs and gets up off of his fat ass. When I had crutches I usually didn't have too much trouble getting offered seats. When I used the cane, I had to do some acting, you know, like coughing and making sure all seated subway riders saw me leaning heavily on my cane. When I stopped using the cane my acting was Oscar worthy, balancing unsteadily on one foot until people saw me nearly falling over at every stop. This only worked twice at getting offered a seat. Once the offerer was an older lady and by the looks of it, I was in better shape than she was. So I turned it down. The other a frum married fella who I recognized from my neighborhood offered his seat. The problem was I was standing next to a visibly pregnant girl from the neighborhood. I'm not sure exactly who he was offering it to, she or I, but I said thank you and sat down. The whole way from 59th street to 125th street I was kicking myself for not saying, "yes, but only if someone will offer a seat to pregnant chick as well." Thank goodness she got a seat at 125th street. My conscience was killing me.

So now I'm worried about taking off the cast completely. If I'm really in pain, people probably won't get up even if I ask. I am considering keeping on the Ace bandage I've been wearing under the cast just in case. That way I can just fake a bad limp and keep falling into someone's lap until they get up. Hopefully he'll be cute! :)

Subway riders really have chutzpah! All I know is that as soon as I am fully recovered, I am going to offer my seat to everyone who looks like they can use it and I hope that each of you will as well. You might be tired or just lazy, but most of the time the people who really need the seats are too embarrassed to ask. Offer it to the older lady. Get up for a person with a cane. But watch out for the pregnant women. You can't be sure nowadays if they really are pregnant or just carrying an extra tire. Just a warning I learned from the movie Two Weeks Notice. Cute movie. You should rent it. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Hierarchy of Subway seating

ok- so what is the deal with fat people on the subway thinking that they can fit their butts in an 8 inch seat on the 4 5 train. its already crowded enough as it is as well as really hot. The last thing i needed yesterday was this hugh person literally squeezing in and letting the fat on their leg create a sweat mark on my skirt. Now i am not against fat people at all- in fact i used to be a little heavy my self and i believe if they are happy, good for them. However, i feel that there should be a little courtesy when it comes packed trains.
Something else that bothers me is when people have like 5 kids on the train and they let them climb all over the seats or stand on them when all the rest of us have been working all day and just want to sit down.
Now at the risk of totally getting slammed by all of you CLers, here are the "SILENT RULES" of subway seating:

1.Who gets to sit first in order:
-the elderly, or handicapped/injured
-the pregnant
-people carrying alot of shit or babies

2.If you cannot fit into a seat, do not squeeze into it and assume everyone else inthe row will move doen to accomodate your butt.

3. If you have just come from the gym and are all sweaty, please do not sit down and proceed to leave a sweat mark on the seat when you get up.

4. Men and Women- please do not hold onto the grab bars near a woman's breasts-(sitting or standing) that happend to me the other day and ever time we breaked for a stop some guy got a feel. GROOOOOOOSSSSS.

5. Men- please dont sit on a subway seat like you are reclining on your lazy boy or riding a horse. though it dosent happen as often- same goes for women.

Anonymous said...

Was two weeks notice a netflix?
Your designated commentee

SusQHB said...

That it was. And its more than likely that it took me well over two weeks to watch the movie and send it back. BTW, just forced myself to finish the Producers last night. I should have known. I hated the show on Broadway so the movie was 10 times worse.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I think that was the longest blog posting I've ever seen.

Feel good Susanne!

ZK said...

Hey! I thought I was getting a shoutout. You forget so fast. I guess I won't post for a while then. :)