Sunday, May 06, 2007

Note to Key Food Purchasing Manager

For my meal Friday night I was assigned gefilte fish. I trekked out to Key Food on Thursday night to buy a couple loafs. I was AMAZED to find ELEVEN different frozen gefilte fish options. Thats, um, about 9 options too many. Then I went into our new and approved kosher aisle and found another 70 jars of gefilte fish. SEVENTY! No joke! Why on Earth would they stock so much fish? Jarred gefilte fish is probably one of the grossest things known to man. Gefilte fish as is is just gross fish that no one eats ground up and mushed together with spices and sugar. When you add the jelly that comes standard in the jar variety you have the most unappetizing culinary treat known to man. In middle America when you visit the local supermarket kosher section you will find certain staples. Manischewitz brand matzah, Manischewitz brand yartzeit candles, Manischewitz brand grape juice, and Manischewitz brand gefilte fish. Thats usually it. We get it. Jews like gefilte dish. Fine, have one kind of jarred gefilte fish on your shelf. My buddy Susie refuses to eat fish that isn't from the jar, so I can appreciate that some folks don't like the "gourmet" loaf version. But even she does not need so many choices of regular gefilte fish. Key Food had Gefilte Fishlets Liquid (eww), Gefilte Fish Jelled, Gefilte Fish Liquid, Sweet Gefilte Fish, Whitefish & Pike Jelled, Whitefish & Pike Liquid, Sweet Whitefish & Pike, Premium Gold Gefilte Fish Jelled, All Whitefish Liquid, All Whitefish Jelled, Reduced Sodium Gefilte Fish Jelled, Reduce Sodium Whitefish & Pike Jelled, and many many more different flavors and at least 5 different brands of each. Excessive? I think so.


Z said...

Excessive and....GROSS!!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

... and now everyone in my office thinks i'm totally mental - can't stop laughing!